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South Africa

This place has social institutions which are under question in the book.


This place was the site of resistance meetings and where Mandela spent his first night of freedom.

Cape Town

This place was where Archbishop Tutu lived.


This place was where Tutu lived as Bishop before becoming Archbishop.

The Sharpeville Massacre

This was believed to mark the beginning of severe abuses in the apartheid era.

The Election of 1994

This was part of the democratic process.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

This group was charged with the task of granting amnesty for human rights abuses.

Human Rights Abuses

This included killing, abduction, torture, and severe ill treatment.


This was the legal system enforced in South Africa between 1948 and 1994.

Racial Purity Ideology

This amplified a long time belief of racial superiority. One of its many ill effects included conditioning of the mind.

Christian Forgiveness

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