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Chapter One, The Prelude

• According to "Chapter One, The Prelude," April 27, 1994 was the first day that black South Africans were allowed to vote.

• Archbishop Desmond Tutu was sixty-two years old and Nelson Mandela was seventy-six.

• The election was bloodshed free despite fears.

• ANC became the first party in South Africa Government.

• Tutu decided to vote in a slum to show solidarity.

• The polling station had long wait lines.

• Tutu said that voting was a spiritual experience contrary.
• Nelson Mandela was inaugurated on May 10, 1994.

• Mandela was forgiving and magnanimous.

• The election was certified fair and free.
• Tutu became Dean of Johannesburg in 1975 and wrote B.J Vorster prior to the Soweto uprising.

• Tutu had three goals when he was made an Archbishop. The goals were to ordain women, to split his diocese, and to liberate the people of South Africa.

• Tutu didn't achieve his goal of splitting his diocese...

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