Objects & Places from No Country for Old Men

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Desert Aire

This is the name of the trailer Moss lives in.

Langtree, Texas

This is the destination Moss heads for after abandoning his truck in the desert near the dead drug dealers.


This is the town where Moss makes his home and where he worked as a law enforcement officer.


This is the name for a target round and is what was used to kill Bill Wyrick.


This is Sheriff Bell's horse.

Devil's River Bridge

This is where Bell stops to watch the sunset after chastising the driver of the flatbed that transported the bodies out of the desert.

Matacumbe Petroleum Group

This is one of the groups that Chigurh thinks might be responsible for the transponder left behind at the hotel.


This is the unit used by Chigurh to track the money taken by Moss.


This is the county where Moss...

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