No Country for Old Men Character Descriptions

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Sheriff Ed Tom Bell

He follows in his father's footsteps, making a career out of law enforcement after he gets out of the service.

Anton Chigurh

He has eyes that are as blue as a piece of lapis and seem to glisten while at the same time being totally opaque.

Llewelyn Moss

He is hunting antelope when he stumbles upon the carnage that remains of a drug deal gone bad.

Carson Wells

He is a former Lieutenant Colonel in the special forces who, after leaving Vietnam, began working as a man who is willing to find people and settle accounts.

Carla Jean Moss

She is younger than her husband whom she met while she was working at Walmart at the age of sixteen.

Loretta Bell

She is the perfect Sheriff's wife who helps him at every turn, preparing meals for the prisoners, and ensuring they were healthy, even...

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