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Chapter I

• A man named Anton Chigurh is cuffed and standing in the corner of the office while the deputy reports to the Sheriff.

• As soon as the deputy is off the phone, Chigurh uses a move that he practiced often to slip the cuffs in front of him and wrap them around the deputy's neck.

• Within minutes, Chigurh is free, having practiced this move many times before.

• Chigurh then uses a police car to pull over another vehicle on the road, and kills the driver to take the vehicle.

• Llewelyn Moss is hunting antelope when he looks through his binoculars and sees three vehicles and what appears to be men on the ground.

• Moss watches for some time, but nothing moves and so he approaches carefully.

• The first vehicle contains one dead man and two more along with a dog lying on the ground near by. The...

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