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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Part 2, Chapter 7, what remains impregnable?

2. Where does Winston think he is at the beginning of Part 3, Chapter 1?

3. What is the name of O'Brien's servant, and where does Winston think he is from?

4. What is the title of Emmanuel Goldstein's book?

5. What is in Room 101?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does O'Brien say is the real reason the Party seeks power? How are they different from past governments?

2. What are the two ultimate goals of the Party? What are they waiting for, and why?

3. Describe the forced-labor camps, according to the common criminals.

4. What do Winston and Julia mean when they say "We are the dead?"

5. How is the Brotherhood organized, and why?

6. What does Winston think the Party and the Ministry of Love can never do? Why?

7. According to O'Brien, where does reality exist?

8. Winston tells Julia that she is "only a rebel from the waist downwards." What does he mean by this, and is it true?

9. How does Winston betray Julia? What is the significance of this?

10. What does Winston's betrayal reveal about his character? What do you think of him now?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Oceania, children are encouraged to spy on their parents and turn them in to the Thought Police if they notice any "suspicious behavior." Would you ever turn your parents over to the police? Why or why not? In what situation would you do it? What alternatives would you have?

Essay Topic 2

Limits on power are often referred to as "checks and balances." Write an essay on this subject, touching upon:

1) The checks and balances that exist in the U.S. Constitution.

2) Some examples of checks and balances that have succeeded or failed.

3) Your vision of what the ideal system of checks and balances would look like.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the history of prostitution. The essay should focus on something specific; examples should include, but are not limited to:

1) One country's experience with prostitution.

2) Times and places where it has been legal.

3) Geisha or "comfort" women, and other women who have been forced into prostitution.

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