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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By writing in his diary, Winston has committed a crime. What is the name of this crime?
(a) Crimetime.
(b) Diarycrime.
(c) Thoughtcrime.
(d) Writecrime.

2. Why does Winston have to falsify production reports?
(a) To make Oceania seem more prosperous.
(b) To give Big Brother credit for someone else's work.
(c) To discredit a Party member.
(d) To revitalize the war effort.

3. What is the name of Winston's wife?
(a) Nancy.
(b) Winnie.
(c) Sue.
(d) Katharine.

4. When Winston sees the prostitute in the light, he sees that she is _____.
(a) A man.
(b) Young.
(c) Beautiful.
(d) Old.

5. How many clothing coupons does Winston get annually?
(a) Four thousand.
(b) Three thousand.
(c) One hundred.
(d) Five thousand.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who were three of the original survivors of the revolution of whom Winston saw a picture?

2. What is there a shortage of in Oceania?

3. What is Winston's phobia?

4. What edition of the Newspeak dictionary is currently being written?

5. What is the Newspeak word for individualism?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Winston really feel about Big Brother and the Party?

2. Doublethink is believing that something is true when you know it is false. Do you really think that doublethink is possible? Can you find any examples of doublethink in the real world?

3. Look up the word "proletariat" in the dictionary. What does it mean? Why does the Party ignore the proles? Is this strange?

4. When Winston kisses Julia, he feels "incredulity and pride ... but he had no physical desire." Why do you think he feels this way? What does it reveal about why he needs Julia?

5. Where does Winston work, and what is his job? Why does he have to do this?

6. What is the significance is behind Winston's dream about his mother? How might she have died?

7. When Winston was young, he and his family had to take shelter in a subway station because London was being attacked. An old man was crying, "We didn't ought to have trusted them." Who should not have trusted?

8. In your own words, how does Winston describe Mr. Parsons?

9. What might the woman singing in the street symbolizes?

10. What is unusual about Winston's telescreen, and why is it important?

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