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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What urge is stronger than ever when Winston was finished writing about the prostitute?
(a) To shout filthy words.
(b) To turn back time.
(c) To vomit profusely.
(d) To choke down some food.

2. What concealed danger does Winston have to be careful of in the countryside?
(a) Rocketbombs.
(b) Snipers.
(c) Thought Police.
(d) Microphones.

3. Where does Winston work?
(a) The Ministry of Fear.
(b) The Ministry of Truth.
(c) The Ministry of Justice.
(d) The Ministry of Love.

4. Who is the vaporized man Winston must delete from The Times?
(a) Blithers.
(b) Smithers.
(c) Withers.
(d) Dithers.

5. Who is Julia?
(a) A member of the Thought Police.
(b) A person who Winston invents for his job.
(c) The dark-haired girl.
(d) A storeowner who Winston knows.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 1, Chapter 7, Winston wonders, as he had many times before, if he is a _________.

2. What important thing does Winston do when he comes home in Part 1, Chapter 1?

3. What is the minimum age for joining the Spies?

4. What is written on the flag that keeps flapping?

5. What ailment does Winston suffer from?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Winston was young, he and his family had to take shelter in a subway station because London was being attacked. An old man was crying, "We didn't ought to have trusted them." Who should not have trusted?

2. What attracts Julia to Winston? Why is this attractive or necessary to her?

3. Look up the word "proletariat" in the dictionary. What does it mean? Why does the Party ignore the proles? Is this strange?

4. What does Part 1, Chapter 1 show the reader about the quality of Oceania's services and products?

5. How would you have reacted to the note? What would you have done differently, and why?

6. Look up the word "comrade" up in a dictionary. Why do you think everyone in Oceania is supposed to call each other comrade?

7. Why do you think Winston was unable to prevent himself from having sex with the prostitute?

8. When Winston kisses Julia, he feels "incredulity and pride ... but he had no physical desire." Why do you think he feels this way? What does it reveal about why he needs Julia?

9. What might the woman singing in the street symbolizes?

10. Who was comrade Ogilvy, and what was he like? How did he supposedly die?

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