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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Parsons' daughter report a man to the police?
(a) They heard him swearing at Big Brother.
(b) He was a member of the Brotherhood.
(c) He was from Eurasia.
(d) He was wearing strange shoes.

2. What does Winston think will happen to Syme?
(a) He will flee Oceania.
(b) He will be vaporized.
(c) He will become Big Brother.
(d) He will die from drinking too much gin.

3. What is the name of the television-like appliance constantly watching Oceania's citizens?
(a) The telescreen.
(b) The eye of Big Brother.
(c) The viewscreen.
(d) The televisionary.

4. In Part 2, Chapter 3, what is Winston sorry he didn't do to his wife?
(a) Love her.
(b) Pay her off.
(c) Kill her.
(d) Divorce her.

5. Who spoils Winston's plans to sit with the dark-haired girl in Part 2, Chapter 1?
(a) Shawshank.
(b) Fisher.
(c) Ampleforth.
(d) Wilsher.

6. What is Winston's phobia?
(a) Rats.
(b) English people.
(c) Open spaces.
(d) Spiders.

7. What is the last thing Winston does in Part 1, Chapter 3?
(a) He touches his toes.
(b) He clean his ears.
(c) He does yoga.
(d) Thirty-seven jumping jacks.

8. What type of hats do capitalists supposedly wear?
(a) Baseball caps.
(b) Top hats.
(c) Berets.
(d) Helmets.

9. What is Winston's apartment called?
(a) London House.
(b) Grenadier Apartments.
(c) Victory Mansions.
(d) Oceania View.

10. What happened to the Inner Party member with whom Julia had her first affair?
(a) He vanished mysteriously.
(b) His helicopter crashed.
(c) He killed himself.
(d) He was caught and vaporized.

11. How many clothing coupons does Winston get annually?
(a) Five thousand.
(b) Four thousand.
(c) One hundred.
(d) Three thousand.

12. "Thoughtcrime does not entail death: ___________________"
(a) Thoughtcrime prevents death.
(b) Thoughtcrime keeps one sane.
(c) Thoughtcrime is illegal.
(d) Thoughtcrime IS death.

13. What is the resistance to the Party called?
(a) The Partisans.
(b) The Brotherhood.
(c) The Resistance.
(d) The Clash.

14. What did Airstrip One used to be called?
(a) England or Britain.
(b) East or West Germany.
(c) The USA or America.
(d) France or Canada.

15. What is the ideal way for children to be conceived in Oceania?
(a) Naturally.
(b) Impreginaid.
(c) Ficiart.
(d) Artsem.

Short Answer Questions

1. Katharine has two names for sex. One is "making a baby." What is the other?

2. Where did Oceania recently have a military victory?

3. What is the last thing the dark-haired girl does before departing from Winston in Part 2, Chapter 1?

4. What is the name of the device Winston uses to write?

5. Who does Winston see in the hallway in Part 2, Chapter 1?

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