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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Winston's apartment called?
(a) Oceania View.
(b) Grenadier Apartments.
(c) London House.
(d) Victory Mansions.

2. What does Julia say is "the only way to stay safe"?
(a) Listen to Big Brother.
(b) Be an informant.
(c) Do as the Oceanians do.
(d) Always yell with the crowd.

3. What do the proles call rocketbombs?
(a) Steamers.
(b) Rollers.
(c) Rockers.
(d) Boomers.

4. What happened to the Inner Party member with whom Julia had her first affair?
(a) He killed himself.
(b) His helicopter crashed.
(c) He was caught and vaporized.
(d) He vanished mysteriously.

5. What does the area where Inner Party members live smell like?
(a) Good food and good wine.
(b) Good food and good coffee.
(c) Good food and good friends.
(d) Good food and good tobacco.

Short Answer Questions

1. What edition of the Newspeak dictionary is currently being written?

2. Who is Julia?

3. What will happen thirty seconds after Winston leaves O'Brien's house?

4. What is Winston's most important task of the day in Part 1, Chapter 4?

5. When Winston sees the prostitute in the light, he sees that she is _____.

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