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Mock Two Minutes Hate

Create a prop that serves as a telescreen, and then have students re-enact the Two Minutes Hate. Afterwards, have them discuss how acting as a group can influence behavior. To further enhance the exercise, have the students first create a video that they will watch while doing the re-enactment.

Party Slogans

Have each student create a slogan for an imaginary country and read it in front of the class. The slogans must be contradictions, as in the book. After reading the slogan, get the students to explain the meaning behind the slogans. The more absurd the better!

The Physical Jerks

Divide students into groups and have each group elect a spokesperson. Each group must then make its own one-minute version of the Physical Jerks, with the spokesperson taking the leader role of the woman from the telescreen. Top marks for synchronized movements, firm leadership...

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