1984 Character Descriptions

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Big Brother

This character is the mysterious, all-seeing, and practically omnipotent leader of Oceania.

Mr. Charirngton

This character runs a small antique/junk shop and rents a small room above it to another character. This character is also a member of the thought police.

Emmanuel Goldstein

This older Jewish character is a former Party leader and currently the head of an underground conspiracy to overthrow the Party.


This character is a member of the Anti-Sex League and eventually falls in love with the a character who keeps a journal.


This tall, fair-haired character is married to the character who keeps a diary. This character's spouse refers to them as remarkably vulgar and stupid.


This large, burly character is a member of the Inner Party. Another character, however, suspects that this character is actually very intelligent and may share a subversive view of society.

Old Man

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