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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ginnie believe she is unfairly paying for?

2. Who cuts their finger in the story, Just Before the War with the Eskimos?

3. How does Ginnie describe Selena's brother?

4. What does Seymour do to Sybil right before they get out of the water?

5. Who dies of cancer and weighs just 62 pounds in the story, Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut?

Short Essay Questions

1. What leads the reader to believe that tension is building throughout the story?

2. What is wrong physically with Ramona?

3. Why is the narrator so taken by Esme?

4. Why doesn't Teddy seem to be affected by the vision of his own pending death?

5. Why does Arthur want to move to Connecticut?

6. Why are Mary Jane and Eloise good friends for each other?

7. Why is the narrator so taken with Sister Irma?

8. How does the story, Down at the Dinghy, end?

9. Who does Lee think Joanie goes with after the party?

10. Why does the narrator like the bulletin board outside the church so much in For Esme -- with Love and Squalor?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Being a meditating child genius that is unaffected by emotion, Teddy is one of the more unique characters in the collection. Explore and analyze Teddy as a character. How does his age affect the story? How do you feel about his lack of emotion on any topic? What makes Teddy so different from the other characters Salinger creates in the collection?

Essay Topic 2

Mental illness because of WWII trauma is an issue brought up in more than one story in the Nine Stories collection. Why do you think this is such a prevalent topic Salinger uses? Talk about the importance of this topic in the collection. Pay special attention to the time in which the book is released. Why does this have been a controversial collection of stories because of the mental illness component?

Essay Topic 3

What is the strongest theme in Nine Stories? Why does it leave such a lasting impression? Use specific examples from the book to explain your opinion.

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