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Lesson 1 (from A Perfect Day for Bananafish)


OBJECTIVE: J.D. Salinger has not published anything since 1965 and yet he still sells hundreds of thousands of books each year. He is known since he started writing in the early 1940s, to always write about young people. He wants not only speak to them, but for them. Young people are attracted to Salinger's energetic and realistic literary style. The objective of this lesson is to learn about the styles Salinger uses and be able to see how he accomplishes his writing goals by using them.


1. Small Group Research Activity: Break into small groups. Have each group look up the following terms for a larger group discussion about how these terms play a role in the first of Salinger's nine short stories. Define each word, pull an example from A Perfect Day for Bananafish that shows the meaning of each term and write a sentence...

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