Nine Stories Character Descriptions

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Seymour Glass - This character is a young soldier who is hospitalized as a result of mental health issues.

Muriel Glass - This character is presented as being somewhat shallow and more concerned with material goods and sleeping.

Muriel's Mother - This character is the voice of worry and speaks equally about harsh realities, such as a person's mental health and fashion trends.

Sybil Carpenter - This character befriends a former soldier at the seaside hotel and learns about bananafish.

Eloise - This character moves from Boise, Idaho to attend college in New York. This character does not finish college and now lives in suburban Connecticut.

Mary Jane - This character is married briefly and is presented as being somewhat flighty, but seemingly has great freedom.

Ramona - This character is an only child and has an imaginary friend.

Grace - This character is a maid who...

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