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A Perfect Day for Bananafish

• Muriel Glass is sitting in her Florida hotel room, waiting for the phone lines to open up to connect a long distance call to her mother in New York.

• While Muriel waits for the call, she paints her fingernails and reads a magazine, both at a slow and relaxed pace.

• Muriel and her mother have a fast-paced phone conversation about Seymour Glass, Muriel's husband, and whether or not he is well or continuing to act "oddly" as he does before they leave for Florida.
• We learn that Seymour is in Germany during World War II and is released from the Army hospital for mental problems. Muriel's mother thinks he is released too early.

• The conversation includes sparse details about an accident that Seymour gets into that involved Muriel's parent's car, some trees and damages that cost hundreds of dollars to repair.

• Muriel continues...

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