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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose nightmare of Henry being arrested has come true?
(a) His mother's.
(b) His father's.
(c) His brother's.
(d) Waldo's.

2. Who is the old man who enters with his wife?
(a) John Thoreau.
(b) Ralph Waldo Emerson.
(c) Edward Emerson.
(d) Henry David Thoreau.

3. Why does Henry not hug Ellen?
(a) Out of a sense of propriety.
(b) He does not like her.
(c) He is embarrassed.
(d) He is afraid she will cringe.

4. What do Henry and Bailey see outside the window of the cell?
(a) Their neighbors.
(b) The keys.
(c) A drunk staggering around.
(d) The constable.

5. Why does Henry say that he cannot pray for John's soul?
(a) He cannot pray to a God that does not listen.
(b) He is angry with God for taking his brother.
(c) He does not believe in God.
(d) He does not believe John's soul is in heaven.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Henry live?

2. What does Henry tell Waldo and Lydian about what must be done?

3. What does Henry do when he catches Ellen writing notes once again?

4. Why does Henry note that it is good that men do not know how to fly?

5. To what does John attribute Henry's nonconformity?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Henry and Bailey see out the cell window?

2. How does Henry feel about this decision?

3. How do Waldo and Henry treat one another, as opposed to how they feel about one another?

4. Sam brings him breakfast, and tells him that the telegraph line to Texas has been finished. What does the finished telegraph line to Texas mean?

5. Describe the scene when Sam Staples tells him he must pay his property taxes?

6. How do Henry's mother and brother say about him?

7. How does Henry get out of jail?

8. How do Edward Henry grow closer during their time together?

9. What might be the reason for Lydian's suggestion that Henry should leave while Waldo is away in England?

10. What does Edward tell his mother when he and Henry return? What is his reasoning for this?

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