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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Henry assure Williams?
(a) He may stay at Walden Pond.
(b) He is free.
(c) He is still a slave.
(d) He will not get captured.

2. Henry objects to Waldo not appearing. How does Lydian feel?
(a) Unsure whether she still loves Waldo or actually loves Henry.
(b) Reassured that Waldo is not changing his stand on freedom.
(c) Torn between sharing Henry's opinions and loyalty to Waldo.
(d) Embarrassed by Waldo's cowardly actions.

3. How does Sam respond when Henry says he refuses to leave?
(a) He tells him he will have to speak with the judge.
(b) He tells him that he must leave.
(c) He tells him that he may stay with Bailey.
(d) He tells him it's his choice if he stays.

4. How does Williams appear?
(a) Dressed as an American soldier.
(b) Dressed as a slave.
(c) Dressed as a Mexican soldier.
(d) Dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

5. How does Waldo respond to the news of Williams?
(a) He expresses happiness for his freedom.
(b) he expresses excitement for his escape to Canada.
(c) He expresses sympathy about Williams' death.
(d) He expresses shock about Williams' capture.

6. Where does Williams want to stay?
(a) Concord.
(b) Wherever Henry is.
(c) Canada.
(d) Walden.

7. Why does Henry object violently to this name?
(a) Williams may not stay at Walden.
(b) Williams is not his slave.
(c) Williams has to move on to his own home.
(d) Henry tells him to never describe himself as a possession.

8. What choice is Henry describing to Bailey?
(a) The choice to listen to those around him or follow his heart.
(b) The choice to marry Ellen or allow his brother to.
(c) The choice he has made between paying his taxes and asserting his independence.
(d) The choice to stay in jail or attempt a mistake.

9. Sergeant Sam wakes the sleeping Henry and gives him what?
(a) The key to the jail cell.
(b) A rifle.
(c) His breakfast.
(d) A note.

10. The war resumes in full speed with what?
(a) The Mexicans on the run.
(b) Waldo leading the army.
(c) Violent bursts of light and noise.
(d) Henry leading the fight.

11. How does Henry feel when he shouts with no response and tries to ring the bell, but no sound emerges?
(a) He feels discouraged and powerless.
(b) He feels somewhat relieved.
(c) He feels confused and unsure.
(d) He feels frustrated, yet determined.

12. Why does Edward suggest that Henry would be a better father?
(a) Henry is more fun than his own father.
(b) Henry is nicer than his own father.
(c) His father would not play with him like Henry does.
(d) His father is often away from the house.

13. What does Lydian say while insisting to Henry what he must do?
(a) "A wife is a treasure!"
(b) "To get along, you have to go along!"
(c) "To forgive, means to forget!"
(d) "Allow your heart to lead the way!"

14. What does Lydian suggest that Henry do while Waldo is away in England?
(a) Get another job.
(b) He should leave.
(c) Stay with them.
(d) Find a wife.

15. What does Henry suggest to Bailey?
(a) He is born in a more liberal age, or that he try prayer.
(b) Sell your soul to the devil, then you will have a good lawyer.
(c) Find someone who cares.
(d) Make a run for it.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Henry when he tries to object to the President?

2. How does Henry change his tactics with Sam?

3. Henry rings the town bell, and tells everyone that Waldo will be giving a speech. Why does Waldo not appear?

4. About what is Henry's soliloquy?

5. As who does Waldo appear?

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