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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to Henry when he tries to object to the President?
(a) A loud noise covers his words.
(b) No sound comes from his mouth.
(c) Waldo tells him to stop talking.
(d) He is shot and wounded.

2. What has Henry's Aunt Louisa done?
(a) Come to visit.
(b) Told Sam to let Henry go.
(c) Come to console Henry's mother.
(d) Paid his tax bill.

3. Sam brings him breakfast, and tells Henry what?
(a) The war in Mexico has ended.
(b) The war in Mexico has begun.
(c) The telegraph line to Texas has been finished.
(d) Henry's mother will bail him out.

4. What does Williams want to call himself?
(a) Walden's Williams.
(b) Mr. Henry's Williams.
(c) Williams at Waldon Pond.
(d) Mr. Henry's Slave Williams.

5. What name does Williams adopts?
(a) Henry Williams.
(b) Williams Henry.
(c) Williams Thoreau.
(d) Walden Williams.

6. What does Henry recognizes about his devotion to Waldo?
(a) It has made a solid friendship.
(b) It has helped shape his own beliefs.
(c) It has given him the strength to fight injustice.
(d) It has stripped away some of his self.

7. Why can Henry not choose any of the young women Lydian suggests?
(a) Nature is his mother-in-law.
(b) He already is married.
(c) He considers Lydian a wife.
(d) He is not interested in any of them.

8. What does Henry tell Waldo that he has to do, besides cast a vote in an election?
(a) Protest.
(b) Write letters to the politicians.
(c) Run for office.
(d) More.

9. Besides suggesting that Henry would be a better father, what else does Edward suggest to his mother?
(a) Henry would be a better husband for her.
(b) Henry would help around the house.
(c) Henry would be a better cook too.
(d) Henry could make repairs.

10. What does Lydian insist that Henry must do?
(a) Forgive Waldo.
(b) Get married.
(c) Learn to conform.
(d) Follow his own path.

11. What does Waldo ask after he accuses Henry of resigning from the human race?
(a) How can I join you?
(b) Where do you find such inspiration?
(c) What would happen if everyone did so?
(d) Why do not more people listen to you?

12. Henry reacts violently against Lydian's idea. What does he do?
(a) He pushes her.
(b) Chants her words back to her in protest.
(c) He leaves in a rage.
(d) He argues with her.

13. What happens to Edward during this scene?
(a) He falls wounded.
(b) He finds a berry patch.
(c) He calls for his father.
(d) He shoots Williams.

14. What does Waldo assert about the "majority rules" form of government?
(a) It has failed the American citizens and must be thrown out.
(b) It protects Americans from one another.
(c) It benefits the rich and hurts the poor.
(d) It ensures that change happens peacefully and at the right pace.

15. What has Henry made for the chickens?
(a) Gloves to keep them from scratching up Lydian's roses.
(b) A place to be fed, so they stay out of Lydians's roses.
(c) A new nest for their eggs, so they do not roost in Lydian's roses.
(d) A chicken coop, so they stay out of Lydian's roses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Henry suggest to Bailey?

2. To what are men slaves, according to Henry?

3. After Henry deals with the chicken problem, how does Lydian respond to this gesture?

4. Lydian accuses him of trying to make Waldo something he is not, and urges Henry to do what?

5. Henry objects to Waldo not appearing. How does Lydian feel?

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