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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Edward is so pleased. What does he wish?
(a) John was his father.
(b) Henry was his brother.
(c) Henry was his father.
(d) John was his brother.

2. Why does Edward suggest that Henry would be a better father?
(a) His father is often away from the house.
(b) Henry is nicer than his own father.
(c) Henry is more fun than his own father.
(d) His father would not play with him like Henry does.

3. Waldo asks whether he should start a violent rebellion. How does Henry reply?
(a) He insists Waldo should stop violence.
(b) He insists violence is the only solution.
(c) He insists violence is not always the answer.
(d) He insists Waldo start a war.

4. Lydian notes that Waldo loves Henry. What does she ask Henry?
(a) What Waldo can do for Henry.
(b) Why Henry hurts Waldo.
(c) What Henry can do for Waldo.
(d) If Henry loves Waldo.

5. About what is Henry's soliloquy?
(a) Loss.
(b) Friendship.
(c) Freedom.
(d) Love.

6. What does Henry believe is the motivation for the war in Mexico?
(a) Love for the United States and the desire to spread freedom.
(b) Control over other countries.
(c) A desire for more land for Southern slave owners.
(d) Money and power.

7. Why does Henry make up a poem/prayer for Bailey?
(a) He is making a statement about his beliefs.
(b) He is trying to be funny.
(c) He thinks it might cheer Bailey up.
(d) Bailey asks him for help praying.

8. What has Henry's Aunt Louisa done?
(a) Come to console Henry's mother.
(b) Come to visit.
(c) Paid his tax bill.
(d) Told Sam to let Henry go.

9. What happens to Edward during this scene?
(a) He calls for his father.
(b) He falls wounded.
(c) He finds a berry patch.
(d) He shoots Williams.

10. Edward is a young drummer boy, and Sam Staples is a Sergeant. What does Bailey become?
(a) A General.
(b) A commanding officer.
(c) A soldier.
(d) The President.

11. What advice does Henry give him when Waldo asks him what he thinks he should do?
(a) Henry tells him to run for mayor.
(b) Henry tells him to start his own war.
(c) Henry tells him to join him in jail.
(d) Henry tells him to speak out against the war.

12. How does Henry describe berry picking?
(a) Berry berry, quite contrary.
(b) Berry patch hunting.
(c) Huckleberry Finn hunting.
(d) Huckleberry hunting.

13. What does Henry assure Williams?
(a) He is still a slave.
(b) He is free.
(c) He will not get captured.
(d) He may stay at Walden Pond.

14. How is Bailey feeling about his trial?
(a) He is a little worried.
(b) He is fairly calm.
(c) He is confident in his aquittal.
(d) He is clearly panicked.

15. What does Sergeant Sam urge the troops to do?
(a) Form a line and start firing.
(b) Run for their lives.
(c) Duck and cover.
(d) Build a trench.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Henry respond when Williams asks why he lives in slave-like poverty?

2. What does Henry suggest to Bailey?

3. As who does Waldo appear?

4. Lydian accuses him of trying to make Waldo something he is not, and urges Henry to do what?

5. What pleases Henry about Williams?

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