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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Waldo respond when Ball asks him about listening to another clergyman?
(a) He becomes nervous.
(b) He is always glad when the sermon is over.
(c) He tends to fall asleep.
(d) He gets good sermon ideas from other clergymen.

2. What does Henry notice about Ellen?
(a) She is an older girl and is taking notes.
(b) She is beautiful.
(c) She is staring at him.
(d) She is younger than any of the other students.

3. Why is Bailey in jail?
(a) Robbing a store.
(b) Breaking and entering.
(c) Burning down a barn.
(d) Murdering his neighbor.

4. Upon what does Henry lament, regarding the environment?
(a) He would like to live in a more tropical environment.
(b) The fact that humanity has done so much damage to the environment.
(c) Concord is too wild for his taste.
(d) There are too many biting insects.

5. For what does Henry propose to work?
(a) Food.
(b) A small Salary.
(c) A small garden in the back property.
(d) A piece of Waldo's property in the woods, so that he can conduct an "experiment."

6. Henry returns to his jail cell. What is Bailey happily doing?
(a) Talking to Sam.
(b) Reading a book.
(c) Practicing writing his name.
(d) Dreaming.

7. What similarity between Henry and Waldo do John and Mother note?
(a) Waldo and Henry's personalites.
(b) Waldo and Henry's looks.
(c) Waldo and Henry's irritability.
(d) Waldo and Henry's speeches.

8. How does Waldo find out about Henry's arrest?
(a) Lydian brings Waldo a note.
(b) Waldo wonders where Henry is and ends up at the jail.
(c) Lydian hears it at the market and tells Waldo.
(d) Waldo hears the news from a neighbor.

9. John's cheering of Henry leads to what inspiration?
(a) Henry proposing they protest the Mexican War.
(b) Henry quitting his job.
(c) Henry proposes they start their own school.
(d) Henry moving away from Walden Pond.

10. Why does Henry say that he cannot pray for John's soul?
(a) He is angry with God for taking his brother.
(b) He cannot pray to a God that does not listen.
(c) He does not believe in God.
(d) He does not believe John's soul is in heaven.

11. Henry and his mother keep talking, and she tells him she does not know who he is. How does he reply?
(a) He is who he has always been.
(b) He is the same.
(c) He has changed.
(d) He is himself.

12. Why is Henry visibly frustrated with himself?
(a) His intensity frightens Ellen away.
(b) Ellen does not love John as he thought.
(c) Ellen rejects him.
(d) His rowing scares Ellen.

13. What happens to the man, in Waldo's story, who goes to India to earn a fortune, so he can retire a poet?
(a) He dies with a huge fortune and no poems.
(b) He never earns a fortune.
(c) He dies wealthy and a poet.
(d) He dies on his way to India.

14. What does Henry discover as he is busily pointing out different species of grass?
(a) An ant hill.
(b) A new species of bee.
(c) A beautiful flower.
(d) A species he has not seen in the area.

15. Sam notes that he does not like having to serve Henry with the bill. What does Henry urge him to do?
(a) Quit as constable.
(b) Serve him the bill.
(c) Put himself in jail.
(d) Not to serve him the bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the lighting show a new time period and a younger Waldo?

2. Why is Deacon Ball, the Chair of the Concord School Committee, shocked at what Henry has been discussing with his class?

3. Why do the townsfolk look strangely at Henry?

4. What does Henry tell Waldo and Lydian about what must be done?

5. In what town is the play set?

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