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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What occupation does Sam mark?
(a) Tutor.
(b) Carpenter.
(c) Principal.
(d) Writer.

2. In another area of the stage, Henry's mother is visibly upset. What does she ask Henry?
(a) What he has done.
(b) Who is with him.
(c) Where his father is.
(d) What has happened to John.

3. What is Henry's advice when Bailey says he cannot swim?
(a) Henry tells him to take lessons.
(b) Henry tells him to plug his nose when he jumps in.
(c) Henry tells him to avoid the ocean.
(d) Henry tells him not to struggle with the water.

4. Henry tells Sam he will not pay for the war in Mexico. Why?
(a) He does not like taxes.
(b) To do so would make him a murderer.
(c) He likes Mexico.
(d) He does not have the money.

5. On what do John and Henry then agree?
(a) They will remain celibate until they are 90 and 92 years old, at which time they will both pursue Ellen.
(b) They will begin their cult and marry as many women as possible.
(c) They will stay celibate for the rest of their lives.
(d) They will both get married as soon as possible to forget about Ellen.

6. Henry notes that he can feel the sound waves from the clock tower. Who does he say he is freer in jail than?
(a) The people outside.
(b) The birds on the clock tower.
(c) Bailey, his cellmate.
(d) The jailer.

7. What does Henry notice about Ellen?
(a) She is an older girl and is taking notes.
(b) She is beautiful.
(c) She is staring at him.
(d) She is younger than any of the other students.

8. What does Henry offer to Waldo and Lydian?
(a) To babysit their son.
(b) To be a tutor for their son.
(c) To clean their home for them.
(d) To make their home a green home.

9. What words of Waldo's does Henry repeat like a mantra?
(a) "Cast conformity behind you."
(b) "Be free to be yourself."
(c) "Follow the yellow brick road."
(d) "Follow your own path."

10. What does Ball threaten to do to Henry?
(a) Report him to the School Committee.
(b) Reprimand him.
(c) Fire him.
(d) Cancel his courses.

11. Why does Henry make this agreement with Ellen before taking her to shore?
(a) He knows that John likes her very much.
(b) He loves her.
(c) He knows she loves him.
(d) He knows she likes John.

12. What does Henry do when he catches Ellen writing notes once again?
(a) He urges her to be an individual.
(b) He urges her to put the notes on note cards.
(c) He quizzes her over her notes.
(d) He tells her to continue the hard work.

13. Who is the old man who enters with his wife?
(a) Edward Emerson.
(b) John Thoreau.
(c) Henry David Thoreau.
(d) Ralph Waldo Emerson.

14. How does Waldo respond when Ball asks him about listening to another clergyman?
(a) He tends to fall asleep.
(b) He is always glad when the sermon is over.
(c) He becomes nervous.
(d) He gets good sermon ideas from other clergymen.

15. What does Henry discover as he is busily pointing out different species of grass?
(a) A species he has not seen in the area.
(b) A beautiful flower.
(c) A new species of bee.
(d) An ant hill.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Henry live?

2. To what does John attribute Henry's nonconformity?

3. To what does Henry compare time?

4. Henry mocks Ball by telling his students to prevent all their senses from experiencing life so that they can all focus solely on what?

5. Why does Henry urge Bailey to remain uneducated?

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