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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Ellen's father done, regarding her little brother, Edmund?
(a) He has withdrawn Edmund from the school because he does not approve of Transcendentalism.
(b) He has enterd Edmund into the school because he is a Transcedentalist.
(c) he has withdrawn Edmund from the school because he does not care for Henry.
(d) He is sending Edmund to boarding school to get a better education.

2. According to Henry, why is the government afraid of the choice he has made?
(a) They do not prison escapees.
(b) They want his money.
(c) They do not want a civil war.
(d) It may encourage others to do the same.

3. What does Edward do as he gives his mother the berries?
(a) Tells her that he wants Henry to be his father.
(b) Tells her how wonderful his day was.
(c) Tells her to make a pie.
(d) Tells her that he loves berries.

4. How does Henry change his tactics with Sam?
(a) He insists on staying until Bailey goes to trial or is released.
(b) He tells Sam to let Bailey go instead.
(c) He threatens Sam's life.
(d) He ties himself to the bed.

5. What does Ball threaten to do to Henry?
(a) Report him to the School Committee.
(b) Reprimand him.
(c) Fire him.
(d) Cancel his courses.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lydian accuses him of trying to make Waldo something he is not, and urges Henry to do what?

2. Henry praises the speaker, and calls him by what name?

3. Why does Edward suggest that Henry would be a better father?

4. What does Henry discover as he is busily pointing out different species of grass?

5. Sergeant Sam wakes the sleeping Henry and gives him what?

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