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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What words of Waldo's does Henry repeat like a mantra?
(a) "Follow your own path."
(b) "Cast conformity behind you."
(c) "Follow the yellow brick road."
(d) "Be free to be yourself."

2. How does Henry respond when Williams asks why he lives in slave-like poverty?
(a) He has chosen to live outside of society and has married his bean patch.
(b) He loves the whimsy of the outdoors and chose to marry it.
(c) He inherited the property from his father.
(d) He has no money for a nicer home.

3. Henry sits up on his cot, and what is his response to his mother's question?
(a) He has "not done something."
(b) He does not know what happened to John.
(c) There is "not someone" with him.
(d) His father is dead.

4. In what town is the play set?
(a) Concord, Massachusetts.
(b) Boston, Massachusetts.
(c) Providence, Rhode Island.
(d) East Hampton, New York.

5. What does Waldo assert about the "majority rules" form of government?
(a) It ensures that change happens peacefully and at the right pace.
(b) It benefits the rich and hurts the poor.
(c) It protects Americans from one another.
(d) It has failed the American citizens and must be thrown out.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the stage directions describe Henry's discussion of Waldo' virtues?

2. What does Ellen wish about Henry?

3. When Henry refuses to assault the enemy, how does his mother respond?

4. What does Henry note that people must do, regarding books?

5. As a child what does Henry find berry picking better than?

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