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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The scene fades and Sam is doing what?
(a) Waking Henry up from his dream.
(b) Yelling at Henry.
(c) Calling for help.
(d) Packing Henry's belongings.

2. What happens to Edward during this scene?
(a) He shoots Williams.
(b) He calls for his father.
(c) He falls wounded.
(d) He finds a berry patch.

3. Sam brings him breakfast, and tells Henry what?
(a) The war in Mexico has begun.
(b) The telegraph line to Texas has been finished.
(c) Henry's mother will bail him out.
(d) The war in Mexico has ended.

4. For what does Henry invite Ellen?
(a) A picnic.
(b) A boat ride.
(c) A walk.
(d) A swim.

5. Mother again laments Henry's strangeness, and what does she hope?
(a) Henry's children will not be strange.
(b) He will straighten out.
(c) John will turn out not to be strange as well.
(d) He will not become more strange.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the play close?

2. How do John and Henry get on the topic of polygamy?

3. After Henry deals with the chicken problem, how does Lydian respond to this gesture?

4. What is Bailey doing as Henry speaks to him?

5. Why does Henry wail in grief?

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