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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Bailey feeling about his trial?
(a) He is a little worried.
(b) He is confident in his aquittal.
(c) He is fairly calm.
(d) He is clearly panicked.

2. How does Henry feel when he shouts with no response and tries to ring the bell, but no sound emerges?
(a) He feels discouraged and powerless.
(b) He feels somewhat relieved.
(c) He feels confused and unsure.
(d) He feels frustrated, yet determined.

3. Whose nightmare of Henry being arrested has come true?
(a) Waldo's.
(b) His father's.
(c) His brother's.
(d) His mother's.

4. Bailey is impressed and observes that Henry must be a teacher. Why is Bailey impressed with Henry?
(a) Henry teaches him mathematics.
(b) Henry teaches him how to play the flute.
(c) Henry teaches him about Transcendentalism.
(d) Henry teaches him how to read and write his name.

5. What word does Deacon Ball use incorrectly, which actually means forbidden?
(a) Penscribed.
(b) Perscribed.
(c) Proscribed.
(d) Prisribed.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Henry, why is the government afraid of the choice he has made?

2. What is Bailey doing as Henry speaks to him?

3. What does Sergeant Sam urge the troops to do?

4. Besides suggesting that Henry would be a better father, what else does Edward suggest to his mother?

5. After Henry deals with the chicken problem, how does Lydian respond to this gesture?

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