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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Waldo, who is clearly quite old, is losing his senses, mistakes what for a person?
(a) A post.
(b) A shadow.
(c) His overcoat.
(d) His umbrella.

2. How does Henry respond when Williams asks why he lives in slave-like poverty?
(a) He has no money for a nicer home.
(b) He loves the whimsy of the outdoors and chose to marry it.
(c) He has chosen to live outside of society and has married his bean patch.
(d) He inherited the property from his father.

3. How is Bailey feeling about his trial?
(a) He is confident in his aquittal.
(b) He is fairly calm.
(c) He is clearly panicked.
(d) He is a little worried.

4. What happens to the man, in Waldo's story, who goes to India to earn a fortune, so he can retire a poet?
(a) He never earns a fortune.
(b) He dies on his way to India.
(c) He dies with a huge fortune and no poems.
(d) He dies wealthy and a poet.

5. What does Ball threaten to do to Henry?
(a) Report him to the School Committee.
(b) Cancel his courses.
(c) Fire him.
(d) Reprimand him.

Short Answer Questions

1. On what do John and Henry then agree?

2. What does Henry do when he catches Ellen writing notes once again?

3. What does Henry point out to Bailey about doing what is expected of you?

4. Of what does Henry accuse Waldo, regarding Williams?

5. How do John and Henry get on the topic of polygamy?

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