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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Henry wail in grief?
(a) Abraham Lincoln is shot.
(b) Edward is shot.
(c) Waldo is shot.
(d) John is shot.

2. When is there sexual tension between Lydian and Henry?
(a) When she sees the gift he made her.
(b) When she asks if he is lonely, he turns the question back on her.
(c) When Edward says he wants Henry to be is father.
(d) When Henry asks her to marry him.

3. What do both Henry and Waldo do simultaneously?
(a) Henry resigns from teaching, as Waldo resigns as a Unitarian Minister.
(b) Henry tells his students he must follow the curriculum, as Waldo tells the congregation he will preach to the Unitarian principles.
(c) Henry argues with Ball, as Waldo argues with his wife.
(d) Henry teaches new courses and Waldo speaks at a different Unitarian Church.

4. What is Henry doing when Williams, an escaped slave, appears?
(a) Planting in his garden.
(b) Playing a flute.
(c) Weeding.
(d) Swimming.

5. How does Waldo respond to the news of Williams?
(a) he expresses excitement for his escape to Canada.
(b) He expresses sympathy about Williams' death.
(c) He expresses happiness for his freedom.
(d) He expresses shock about Williams' capture.

Short Answer Questions

1. Henry rings the town bell, and tells everyone that Waldo will be giving a speech. Why does Waldo not appear?

2. What does Ball threaten to do to Henry?

3. How does Henry react when Waldo tells him they need to work within the laws to fight the war?

4. What does Lydian say while insisting to Henry what he must do?

5. How does Sam respond when Henry says he refuses to leave?

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