The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail Character Descriptions

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Bailey - This character is Henry's vagrant cellmate, who has landed in prison after he fell asleep in somebody's barn and burned it down by accident.

Deacon Nehemiah Ball - This character is a religious leader who also acts as the chairman of the school board and does not like Henry.

Edward Emerson - This character is the son of Waldo and Lydian. He wishes Henry was his father instead of the often absent Waldo.

Lydian Emerson - This character encourages Henry to settle down, get married, and conform. Although she appears to agree with many of Henry's ideas, she refuses to go against her husband by supporting Henry.

Ralph Waldo Emerson - This character, one of America's greatest writers, is in this play shown to be an ineffective preacher when compared with Henry's activism. He gives many lectures at Harvard outlining the beliefs of Transcendentalism...

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