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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do David and Thomas agree on?
(a) That they need to go home.
(b) That women are difficult to understand.
(c) That they want to find true love.
(d) That they never want to leave the island.

2. How does David feel about Elsa?
(a) He feels sorry for her.
(b) He is in love with her.
(c) He's intimidated by her.
(d) He wishes he'd never met her.

3. What does Elsa do successfully when contacting people back home?
(a) Allude to the fact that she is in trouble.
(b) Give them clues about where she is.
(c) Let her family know that she loves them.
(d) Maintain her secret whereabouts.

4. Why does Fiona's mother want her to come home?
(a) To celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.
(b) To turn herself in to the authorities.
(c) To seek medical attention.
(d) To see her grandfather before he dies.

5. Why is it a relief to Fiona that Shane is not at Thomas' apartment?
(a) Because Shane would have tried to steal from Thomas.
(b) Because Shane would have embarrassed her.
(c) Because Shane would have caused a lot of damage to the apartment.
(d) Because Shane would have fought with Thomas.

6. What is the last image of Dieter that Elsa has?
(a) Calling out for her as he boards the ferry.
(b) Dining alone.
(c) Sleeping in her bed.
(d) SItting on the balcony.

7. What does Vonni warn Maria about when she agrees to spend the night?
(a) That she snores.
(b) That she stays up late.
(c) That she has insomnia.
(d) That she wakes up early.

8. What is Shane asked to do by Georgi and Andreas, which he refuses in Chapter Six?
(a) Leave the island.
(b) Write a note to Fiona.
(c) Pay his bail.
(d) Get back together with Fiona.

9. What does Elsa realize about herself in Chapter Five?
(a) That she wants a career change.
(b) That she is very unhappy in her life.
(c) That she wants to have a child.
(d) That she doesn't know what's right for anyone.

10. Why did Elsa leave Dieter in the first place?
(a) He was not spending enough time with her.
(b) He was dating other women.
(c) He had a child with another woman.
(d) She was no longer in love with him.

11. What do Thomas and Vonni have in common?
(a) That they are both seeking forgiveness.
(b) That their sons left them.
(c) That they both squandered their families' wealth.
(d) That they are both in search of true love.

12. What does Fiona ask Thomas to do for her?
(a) To help her hide from Shane.
(b) To lend her money.
(c) To take flowers to Manos' funeral from her.
(d) To walk her back to her hotel.

13. Where does Shane want to go with Fiona in tow?
(a) To Ireland.
(b) To the tavern.
(c) To Italy.
(d) To Athens.

14. How old are David and Elsa?
(a) 23.
(b) 28.
(c) 42.
(d) 35.

15. What does Fiona suggest the group should do after witnessing the tragedy?
(a) Go to church and pray.
(b) Call their families to share the news.
(c) Drink a toast to the departed souls.
(d) Row out to the boat and help the victims.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why can't David sleep after seeing what happened to the Olga?

2. What is Thomas trying to get Vonni to do so that his housing arrangement is less awkward?

3. What does Dieter offer Elsa?

4. What does Elsa leave behind in Germany?

5. What game do Thomas and David play?

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