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Make a detailed map of Greece and the surrounding islands. Label all major cities and geographic features. Be sure to include Aghia Anna and Athens.

Experience Greek Food

Find recipes for some of the traditional Greek delicacies mentioned in the novel. Try moussaka (tomatoes and eggplant), leg of lamb, olives and feta cheese, and metrios (coffee).

Traditional Greek Dance

Learn and perform some traditional Greek dances such as the Syrtaki, the one that the locals danced in front of Maria's house.

Model Temple

Research images of Doric and Ionic temple ruins in Athens like the ones that the characters in the book visited. Use modeling clay to make a model of one of these temples.

Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure for Aghia Anna. Be sure to include Andreas' tavern, the local cafe, Vonni's crafts and other local attractions mentioned in the novel.

Greek Vase Painting


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