Nights of Rain and Stars Character Descriptions

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This character is a popular, friendly tavern owner.


This character is a young, German television journalist in her late twenties.


This character is an American professor of nineteenth century literature who has been commissioned by a prestigious magazine to write articles recounting his travels.

David Fine

This character is a small, sensitive, anxious-looking businessman who is unhappy with his career.

Fiona Ryan

This character is a 24-year-old, slender Irish nurse.


This character is a native of Dublin and is disliked by many.


This character is a native of Ireland. This thirty-year resident of Aghia Anna regularly does good deeds for others on the island.


This character is the police chief of Aghia Anna.


This character is a nine-year-old boy who lives with his mother and stepfather in California.


This character is the head of a television news division in Germany...

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