Objects & Places from Nightmares & Dreamscapes

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Castle Rock, Maineappears in It Grows on You

This place is a fairly small town, surrounded with woods, and home to families that have lived in the area for generations. The families are often devoted but suspicious of outsiders which often proves to be wise.

Le Palaisappears in Dedication

This place is one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels and is the workplace of Martha Rosewall.

Las Vegasappears in Dolan's Cadillac

This city is home to Robinson as well as the gangster Dolan.

Queens, New Yorkappears in The Moving Finger

This town is home to Howard and Violet Mitla.

Scooter's Grocery and Roadside Zooappears in Chattery Teeth

This is the place where Hogan finds the troublesome hitchhiker.

Nevada desertappears in Dolan's Cadillac, Chattery Teeth

This place appears as the scene of the crime of two murders in two stories in this collection.

Tabori Studiosappears in Sneakers


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