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Chapter 1

• In Chapter 1, the reader is introduced to Sarny, a 12-year-old slave on the Waller plantation.

• Sarny, the narrator of the story, opens by saying that there have been rumors that Sarny brought Nightjohn to the plantation through witchcraft, but she knows it was God that brought him to her.

• The plantation where Sarny lives is run by Master Waller, who is a violent and abusive slave-owner.

• When Sarny was born, she was separated from her “birth mammy” and given to her “mammy,” an old woman named Delie; Sarny’s birth mammy was sold when Sarny was 4-years-old.

• Even though she’s only 12, Sarny works full time on the plantation, doing odd-jobs around the home.

Chapter 2

• In Chapter 2, Sarny is sent to chew tobacco leaves and spit the juice on the rosebushes to kill the bugs that have been eating the plants.

• While working, Sarny hears “The Missus...

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