The Night of the Iguana Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Act 1, Part 1

• Maxine and Pedro come onto the veranda to check out a bus load of tourists.

• Maxine talks to Shannon. Shannon asks her where her husband, Fred, is. She tells him he is dead.

• Shannon tells Maxine that his current tour is the toughest he has ever led. Maxine invites Shannon onto the veranda to rest, but he tells her his job is on the line.

• Hank appears to try and convince Shannon to move the tour on.

• A German family called the Fahrenkopfs appears, singing a Nazi song.

• Shannon and Maxine lie together in a hammock, talking about Shannon's relationship with a young girl on the tour.

• Shannon talks about a spook being with him. Maxine understands what he means. Shannon says he has not been able to sleep because of the spook.

• Miss Fellowes comes onto the veranda to ask Shannon for the keys to...

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