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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the Jews sleep the first night in the prison block at Auschwitz in Chapter 3?
(a) Restlessly.
(b) The were not permitted to sleep.
(c) They were awakened every hour for roll call.
(d) Soundly.

2. In Chapter 3, how did the man respond who is looking for news of his family after he spoke with Wiesel?
(a) He cried bitterly and hysterically.
(b) He wept with joy.
(c) He remained quiet and returned to his place in the ranks.
(d) He collapsed from grief.

3. In Chapter 3, how did Wiesel feel that he should have handled the results of his father asking about the washroom?
(a) He should have attacked the assailant.
(b) He should have yelled racial slurs back at the attacker.
(c) He should have run and hid.
(d) He should have repeated the question.

4. In Chapter 5, what happened when Dr. Mengele called out numbers for another round of selection?
(a) Both Wiesel and his father were called.
(b) Wiesel's number was called.
(c) Wiesel's father's number was called.
(d) Neither Wiesel nor his father was called.

5. What scene similar to that of the workman throwing the bread to the prisoners did Wiesel witness later in life?
(a) A group of homeless people drawing straws to see who gets a threadbare scarf.
(b) Children pushing and shoving to pick up candy thrown by a street performer.
(c) Guards stoning a prisoner at a penitentiary.
(d) People diving and fighting for coins thrown by passengers of a boat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Wiesel do as other Jews praise God on Rosh Hashanah?

2. What did the chimney represent for the prisoners in Chapter 3?

3. In Chapter 3, what happened to the Jews at Birkenau once they left the train?

4. In Chapter 5, how did the Rosh Hashanah service end?

5. What did Wiesel believe when he and his father were sent to the right after telling their ages to the officer at Birkenau?

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