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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7 (Pages 93 – 98).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Meir Katz, another prisoner, do when Elie calls for help on the trip to the concentration camp after staying in the deserted village?
(a) The rabbi who prays for Elie.
(b) A guard who helps Elie.
(c) He helps Elie.
(d) A man who tries to take Elie from the wagon.

2. In chapter 3, what do the prisoners discuss after a few weeks in the camp?
(a) They try to figure out who among them will go to the crematory.
(b) They discuss their jobs in the camp.
(c) They try to determine a reason for their suffering.
(d) They formulate a plan for escape.

3. In chapter 7, to what does Elie compare humans?
(a) Canaries in a coal mine.
(b) Beasts of prey.
(c) Worms.
(d) Guinea pigs.

4. Why does Elie lie to the man who is looking for his family?
(a) Elie thought he was telling the truth.
(b) He wants to give hope to the man.
(c) He is afraid of the man.
(d) He is afraid the guards will punish them for talking, so he tries to make the man leave quickly.

5. What do Elie and his father decide to do after hearing that the Russians may be approaching the camp?
(a) They choose to evacuate.
(b) They choose to remain in the hospital.
(c) Elie chooses to join the Russian army.
(d) They choose to hide in an air raid shelter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the event on the trip to the concentration camp after staying in the deserted village occurring?

2. How are the Jews supposed to get to the next prison block at Auschwitz?

3. After the war, what does Elie learn about the Russians coming to the camp?

4. In chapter 7, to what natural phenomenon does Elie compare his brain?

5. What is the lie that Elie tells to the man looking for Wiesel of Sighat?

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