Night Soldiers Short Essay - Answer Key

Alan Furst
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1. Why do the locals make fun of the hats of the military officers in Bulgaria in 1934 only in private?

The hats of the military police are conical and adorned with goose feathers. The locals call them Levitzky's Geese, but not to the faces of these militia men, because the men have created an aura of fear about them and their organization.

2. Why do the brothers laugh at the military officers marching?

A stray chicken enters the road and will not move. The militia make the unspoken decision to keep marching, and the chicken gets tangled up in the men's legs, tripping some of them. This makes the brothers laugh.

3. How do the military officers respond when Nikko and Khristo laughing at them?

When Nikko and Khristo laugh, the man in charge, who had given himself the rank of colonel, faces them. There is a verbal confrontation, and just as it seems to be over, Nikko cannot resist calling the colonel a dog's prick. The two boys are then attacked by the entire militia and Nikko is kicked to death.

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