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Alan Furst
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Five.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the former spy tries to get out of Paris, what group prevents his quick departure?
(a) Refugee.
(b) Training.
(c) Espionage.
(d) Spartan.

2. In what firm does Robert work?
(a) Tactile.
(b) Advertising.
(c) Accounting.
(d) Design.

3. Who are killed in the remote mountain village that Khristo feels uneasy about?
(a) Fusari and Vigi.
(b) Grant and Lee.
(c) Khristo and Sascha.
(d) Robert and Ulysses.

4. Who does Khristo see in the camp in Yugoslavia that has a useless arm and is crippled?
(a) Andres.
(b) Torres.
(c) Drazen.
(d) Riker.

5. Who does Fitzware have lunch with that is his equal in the French secret service?
(a) Alexandra.
(b) Theaud.
(c) Sascha.
(d) Khristo.

Short Answer Questions

1. When someone removed a blue lantern signal, what could not be bombed?

2. What name does the Bulgarian militia get from wearing goose feathers in their hats?

3. What city is choked in smoke and lacks food and basic sanitation that Khristo arrives in and sleeps with many women?

4. What are the two parties in Spain that have an uneasy alliance?

5. Who is the man with the British secret service who wants to photograph Khristov?

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