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Alan Furst
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Two.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Bulgarian militia are proud of _________symbols on their clothing.
(a) Nazi.
(b) Czech.
(c) Russian.
(d) Bulgarian.

2. Who is the American that has come to fight with the resistance in Madrid?
(a) Avila.
(b) Torres.
(c) Faye.
(d) Sascha.

3. Who is in the house that burned and appears at the police house the next morning to make sure the authorities did not think he was part of the Communists?
(a) A bookkeeper.
(b) An old fisherman.
(c) An old woman.
(d) A lawyer.

4. Who carves some letters and numbers into the train for the Brotherhood front?
(a) Arbat.
(b) Khristo.
(c) Nikko.
(d) Kulic.

5. What does Kulic instruct the people he is instructed to kill by the Soviet embassy political officer to accompany him to collect?
(a) Bodies.
(b) Firewood.
(c) Clothes.
(d) Leaves.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has to take photos of the Soviet tanks entering Madrid?

2. What animal gets in between the legs of militia men, prompting Khristo and his brother to laugh?

3. What name does the Bulgarian militia get from wearing goose feathers in their hats?

4. What city streets does Khristov explore with Sascha in the snow?

5. When someone removed a blue lantern signal, what could not be bombed?

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