Night Soldiers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Alan Furst
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Chapter One

• In Vidin, Bulgaria, Khristo and his brother Nikko watch a military parade.

• The boys make fun of the military feathers and engage in a silly argument with officials.

• However, the officers attack and kick Nikko to death.

• Antipin arrives from Russia and brings literature about revolution.

• He encourages Khristo to become a spy and Khristo leaves with him to Moscow.

• Khristo is an excellent spy and in the cold winter, studies hard.

• He has a lover named Marike that he is forced to kill as part of an assignment by Sascha, his handler.

• Khristo bonds with fellow spies at the school in Moscow.

• They form their own code BF 825 which helps them find each other later on.

• Sascha takes Khristo to use his training in Spain at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Chapter Two

• In San Ximene, Spain, the Aguilar family is under house...

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