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1. How is the reader led to believe that Charles Boone may be an unreliable narrator?

The reader is led to believe that Charles Boone may be an unreliable narrator because from the beginning, he is confused due to suffering from a fever and delusions.

2. How does Stephen King use setting as a "character" in Jerusalem's Lot?

Stephen King uses setting as a character in Jerusalem's Lot in two ways. First, he uses the house that Charles Boone inherits, Chapelwaite, as a "character" because it functions as a source of conflict for the main characters. It is where Charles hears noises, assuming them to be mice, when in reality, they are trapped souls. King also uses the town, Jerusalem's Lot, and the church in the town as a "character" because it brings about another problem and contributes to the sinister aspects of the story. Instead of an actual character providing conflict for Charles and Calvin, it is the setting.

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