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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Boogeyman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Hunton discover the freak accidents with the machine?
(a) When a young man cut his arm and bled on it.
(b) When a young woman cut her arm and bled on it.
(c) When a young woman cut her finger and bled on it.
(d) When a young man cut his finger and bled on it.

2. After several men get bitten by rats, what does the supervisor get for the men to use?
(a) An exterminator.
(b) Heavy rubberized gloves.
(c) Large, blinding flashlights.
(d) Heavy rubberized suits.

3. What happens to Hall at the end of Graveyard Shift?
(a) He outruns the rats and escapes.
(b) He is trapped by the rats and killed.
(c) He rolls into the rat nest and is killed.
(d) He faints and is eaten by the rats.

4. What happens to Alvin Sackheim?
(a) The group burns him.
(b) The group helps him recover.
(c) He drowns at the beach.
(d) He dies from the flu.

5. What is odd about the machine into which a woman was pulled into and killed?
(a) The machine is brand new.
(b) The machine is not functioning perfectly.
(c) The machine is extremely old.
(d) The machine is functioning perfectly.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies in the end of The Mangler?

2. Which of the following, if it was part of the possession, will prevent the exorcism from working?

3. Where do the eyeballs appear years after Artie burned his hands?

4. Who says "Maybe we're the last people on earth?"

5. Where did Billing's first child think a monster hid?

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