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Jerusalem's Lot

• In Jerusalem's Lot, Charles Boone suffers a fever and has delusions after losing his wife.

• He inherits an old house from a cousin and Charles and his companion, Calvin McCann go to the house, Chapelwaite.

• Charles' neighbors seem to fear the house and do not go near it and soon after, Charles and Calvin notice strange things about the house.

• The two men hear noises and Charles thinks there are mice in the walls.

• Charles and Calvin discover a map which leads them to Jerusalem's Lot, an abandoned town with a church, however this place looks untouched.

• Calvin finds Charles' grandfather's diary.
• Charles and Calvin discover that the church belongs to Satan worshipers and somehow, Charles' grandfather and great uncle became involved with the evil preacher from the past. This caused a rift in the family.

• Charles and Calvin discover a strange book that appears to...

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