Night Probe! Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the Pullman car that Essex is traveling in.

The Pullman car that Essex is traveling in is very ornate. There are elaborately carved walnut, brass electrical lamps, red velvet revolving chairs, and potted palms. In the lavatories are beveled mirrors and ceramic tile floors. Plus, there is a richly paneled observation parlor with a brocade ceiling and Persian carpet.

2. Why does Harvey Shields think he is experiencing a nightmare?

Harvey Shields thinks that he is experiencing a nightmare because he can think of no other explanation to describe what he is going through. In the darkness, he hears the sound of steel and cries for help. Below him, he can hear the rush of water and feel a gust of wind that takes away his breath. He struggles to move his arms and legs. When he gets one arm free, a jagged piece of metal slices his arm. When he finally gets his eyes open, his stateroom aboard the ship is open to the water. Suddenly, he realizes that his ship is sinking.

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