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Steam Locomotive

Research the 2-8-0 railroad steam locomotive, like the one in Chapter 1, and create an illustrated report.

Semaphore Lantern

Draw a semaphore lantern as it would have looked if Meechum and Harding had been able to signal the train.

Two Ships

Cussler uses the ship Empress of Ireland in the book. There was a ship of that name that sank May 29, 1914 on the St. Lawrence River. Use a graphic organizer to compare the ship that Cussler writes about and the actual Empress of Ireland.

Expedition Maps

Use a blank map or create a map to show the site of the expedition to examine the Empress of Ireland and the location of the Manhattan Limited.

Sarveux's Plane Sabotaged

Write a newspaper article reporting the sabotage of Charles Sarveux's plane.

Dear Mr. Cussler

Write a letter, or email the author, and tell him what you did and did...

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