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Nelson Demille
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does John convince the police sergeant to give him directions to the Winslow house in Chapter 43?

2. Where do John and the hotel employee find the receipt he has requested?

3. Why does John attempt to borrow a book from the hotel library in Chapter 38?

4. What does John see when he arrives at the North Tower of the World Trade Center?

5. What threat is made against John during this phone call in Chapter 50?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does John take Jill after ditching his car in a university parking lot?

2. What strange phone call does John get just after learning where he can find Jill Winslow?

3. How does John ensure that Jill Winslow's husband will not be home when he goes to talk to her?

4. Who does John find waiting for him on the beach when he goes to meet with his mysterious caller?

5. Who all does John tell Jill will be at the meeting the following day?

6. Who arranges for John, Jill, and Kate to have a police escort the following day?

7. How many cars do John, Jill, and Kate take to the North Tower? For what reason?

8. On what day does John return from Yemen? Why is this day significant?

9. What is significant about the pink receipt John is able to locate with the help of the hotel manager for a VCR tape the couple in room 203 took out the night of the plane crash?

10. What is Jill's biggest fear now that John knows the truth about the videotape?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the video tape. What was on the video tape? Why did Jill Winslow hide it for so many years? Why did Jill make a copy in the first place? Why did Bud erase the original tape? Who has the original tape? What does John believe was done with the original tape? How does John know this? What does Jill force John to watch on the tape before it comes to the part he is most interested in? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the following relationships and how they influence the development of the plot:

1) John and Kate

2) Jill and Bud

3) John and Nash

4) Kate and Nash

Essay Topic 3

What does the CIA say about the many witnesses who thought they saw an orange light moving toward the plane the night Flight 800 crashed? How do they support this claim? Who disputes this claim? What does Kate think of this claim? What is the readers first clue that this claim by the CIA might not be true? What does the videotape show? Is the orange light moving toward the plane or is it the burning fuselage falling to the ocean? How does the reader know for sure which it is?

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