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Nelson Demille
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Short Answer Questions

1. How did the dates in which John returned to the United States and the date on which he scheduled the meeting regarding the videotape foreshadow disaster?

2. Why does John rent a car and drive to Philadelphia at the end of Chapter 32?

3. What information does Dom Fanelli give John in Chapter 38?

4. Why is Jill afraid she will go to jail after showing John the videotape?

5. What does Jill eventually confess she did with the rented video tape of A MAN AND A WOMAN?

Short Essay Questions

1. What question plagues John as he waits for Dom Fanelli to locate Jill Winslow?

2. Where does John take Jill after ditching his car in a university parking lot?

3. On what day does John return from Yemen? Why is this day significant?

4. What does Nash first tell John about the crash of Flight 800 when they meet on the beach?

5. Where does John go after speaking to Nash?

6. Who does John find waiting for him on the beach when he goes to meet with his mysterious caller?

7. What does John hear as he approaches the North Tower a few minutes behind Jill and Kate?

8. What does Jill promise to do for John when Kate arrives?

9. John returns to the Bayview Hotel and learns what about the process to check out books from the hotel library?

10. Where does John arrange to meet with Nash the following morning? What is significant about this location?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What does the CIA say about the many witnesses who thought they saw an orange light moving toward the plane the night Flight 800 crashed? How do they support this claim? Who disputes this claim? What does Kate think of this claim? What is the readers first clue that this claim by the CIA might not be true? What does the videotape show? Is the orange light moving toward the plane or is it the burning fuselage falling to the ocean? How does the reader know for sure which it is?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss symbolism and how it is related to one of the following items:


2) Hotel Blanket

3) Camera lens cap

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the real story behind TWA Flight 800. When did the plane go down? What was the explanation the NTSB gave the American public? What were some of the theories about how the plane might have crashed? How do these theories compare to the ones suggested in the novel? How does the comparison between reality and the story of Flight 800 in the novel create a plausible plot? Is it possible Flight 800 was a precursor to the September 11 attacks?

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