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Nelson Demille
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Short Answer Questions

1. What business is John's office mate investigating that he believes to be a front for terrorism?

2. What job did the woman whom Marie interviewed at the Bayview do for the hotel?

3. What part of the investigation did the FBI hide from Marie?

4. Why does Tom Spruck not believe an American missile could have caused the crash of TWA Flight 800?

5. Who does John arrange to meet at a local restaurant?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jill see in the sky just before the plane explodes?

2. How did Kate come to know which hotel the blanket found on the beach near the camera lens cap belonged to?

3. What theory of the CIA does Kate not support and John doubts?

4. What is the result of John's meeting with Stein?

5. Why does Dick Kearns tell John Corey to stay away from the TWA Flight 800 investigation?

6. Where does Kate take John in order for him to view the wreckage of the plane?

7. Why does Kate tell John she would like him to re-investigate the crash of TWA Flight 800?

8. What is the CIA's theory as to the orange light many witnesses reported seeing coming from the ocean toward the plane?

9. Who is Liam Griffith and what does he warn John Corey not to do at the memorial for TWA Flight 800?

10. Why do John Corey and Kate Mayfield go to a memorial on the beach each year?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss symbolism and how it is related to one of the following items:


2) Hotel Blanket

3) Camera lens cap

Essay Topic 2

The author introduces several other incidences of terror attacks that took place after the crash of TWA Flight 800. Discuss these other terror acts. How do these acts give authenticity to the plot? Who was responsible for most of these acts of terror? What was their purpose? How might these attacks have been connected to the September 11 attacks? Could these attacks have been a warning as the author appears to suggest in this novel? Was TWA Flight 800 connected to any of these acts? If so, how?

Essay Topic 3

Why does John dislike Nash? What does John believe the relationship is between Nash and his wife, Kate? How often does this suggestion come up throughout the novel? Who makes the suggestion? How does this knowledge affect John's behavior in dealing with these people? How does this situation affect John's relationship with his wife? Does John trust his wife? How does the reader know if John trusts his wife?

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