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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jill promise to do for John when Kate arrives?
(a) Give him time alone with her.
(b) Be friendly.
(c) Tell Kate all about the investigation.
(d) Leave the room for the night.

2. What does John describe as the game ball in his description of the meeting to take place on September 11?
(a) The videotape.
(b) The relationship between Jill and Bud.
(c) The terrorist's identity.
(d) The plane crash.

3. What room does John request when he arrives at the hotel?
(a) Room 203.
(b) Room 302.
(c) Room 103.
(d) Room 503.

4. What item does the maid tell John was once in all the rooms at Bayview, but which John did not see on his visit to the hotel?
(a) Stereo.
(b) Camcorders.
(c) VCR.
(d) DVD player.

5. What does John see when the video reaches the part in which TWA Flight 800 crashes?
(a) John clearly sees a methane bubble rising out of the ocean.
(b) John clearly sees an orange light rising toward the plane.
(c) John clearly sees the fuel tank exploding.
(d) John clearly sees falling debris.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John tell Kate about the investigation?

2. What threat is made against John during this phone call in Chapter 50?

3. What warning does this mysterious person give to John in Chapter 40 that he has heard many times before?

4. What does John later learn happened to Jill?

5. What does Jill force John to watch when she shows him the videotape of the plane crash?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does John hear as he approaches the North Tower a few minutes behind Jill and Kate?

2. Who all does John tell Jill will be at the meeting the following day?

3. What does Nash first tell John about the crash of Flight 800 when they meet on the beach?

4. Where does John take Jill after ditching his car in a university parking lot?

5. How does John ensure that Jill Winslow's husband will not be home when he goes to talk to her?

6. What method does Jill insist was used to destroy the original videotape of the plane crash?

7. How many cars do John, Jill, and Kate take to the North Tower? For what reason?

8. Who arranges for John, Jill, and Kate to have a police escort the following day?

9. John returns to the Bayview Hotel and learns what about the process to check out books from the hotel library?

10. Who does Dom Fanelli tell John was waiting for Kate at the airport?

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