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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John ask Jill to do with the tape in Chapter 47?
(a) Give it to her husband.
(b) Give it to Jack Koenig.
(c) Make a copy for him.
(d) Hide it in a safe.

2. Who does John have breakfast with the morning of September 10?
(a) Jill.
(b) Dom.
(c) Ted Nash.
(d) Kate.

3. What does the librarian in Chapter 38 tell John he can do with his borrowed book if he does not need a receipt?
(a) Give it to the concierge.
(b) Leave it in the room.
(c) Return it to the front desk.
(d) Take it home with him.

4. To where does John go in Chapter 42 after arriving in the city he has chosen to visit?
(a) The police department.
(b) A rented hotel room.
(c) The hoome of a suspect.
(d) A friend's house.

5. What warning does this mysterious person give to John in Chapter 40 that he has heard many times before?
(a) Watch his back with Koenig.
(b) Stay away from Flight 800.
(c) Stop committing infidelity.
(d) Stay away from Kate.

6. What is foreshadowing?
(a) The attempt of hiding information.
(b) The suggestion of events that will happen in the future of a plot's development.
(c) The story of a character's past and its impact on a plot's development.
(d) Events in the past distorting the future.

7. What movie does John ask JIll to get a copy of while she is out shopping in Chapter 49?
(a) Casablanca.
(b) Toy Story.
(c) Independence Day.
(d) A Man and a Woman.

8. What is significant about the location of the meeting regarding the videotape?
(a) It is on a military base.
(b) It is in a restricted building.
(c) It is in the North Tower, a target of the September 11 attacks.
(d) It is in the same restaurant where John proposed to Kate.

9. To what city does John decide to visit in Chapter 42?
(a) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(b) Old Brookville, New Jersey.
(c) Manhattan, New York.
(d) Hartford, Connecticut.

10. What does Jill eventually confess she did with the rented video tape of A MAN AND A WOMAN?
(a) Jill added it to her personal videotape collection.
(b) Jill lost it on the beach.
(c) Jill sold it to a friend.
(d) Jill copied the tape of the plane crash over it.

11. What does John learn about the lovers on the beach the night of the crash of Flight 800 in Chapter 41?
(a) The were blind and saw nothing.
(b) They were never on the beach.
(c) They were an old couple watching the stars.
(d) They were having sex during the crash and saw nothing.

12. Who from the FBI does Jill Winslow tell John she has already spoken with in Chapter 45?
(a) Ted Nash and Kate Mayfield.
(b) Liam Griffith and Ted Nash.
(c) Jack Koenig and Kate Mayfield.
(d) Liam Griffith and Jack Koenig.

13. Who does John call to find his new suspect in Chapter 37?
(a) Stein.
(b) Kate.
(c) Dom Fanelli.
(d) Jack Koenig.

14. What does Jill promise to do for John when Kate arrives?
(a) Be friendly.
(b) Leave the room for the night.
(c) Give him time alone with her.
(d) Tell Kate all about the investigation.

15. Why does John leave his car in a parking lot of SUNY in Chapter 48?
(a) To keep it safe.
(b) To keep from using too much gas.
(c) To avoid car accidents.
(d) To keep anyone from knowing where he is.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is written on the caller ID when the phone rings at Jill's house several times while John waits for Jill to pack?

2. For what reason do they use this number of cars to transport them to the meeting?

3. What story does John convince a police sergeant to give the husband of his suspect in Chapter 43?

4. Who does John request to see when he takes a room in a hotel in Chapter 35?

5. Which of the following people is not invited to the meeting the following morning, as John explains to Jill in Chapter 50?

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