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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does John tell Kate about the investigation?
(a) That he has given up.
(b) That he has decided no foul play took place.
(c) That Ted Nash is still alive.
(d) That he has found the lovers from the beach.

2. What odd phone call does John receive in his hotel room in Chapter 38?
(a) A man claiming to be Kate's lover.
(b) A woman claiming to know about the videotape.
(c) A man claiming to be Ted Nash.
(d) A woman claiming to be his sister.

3. What does John do in Chapter 42 after his meeting on the beach?
(a) Call Dom Fanelli for backup.
(b) Returns home.
(c) Checks out of the hotel.
(d) Returns to the hotel to investigate his mysterious witnesses claims.

4. Who does John get into an argument with at the going away party in Chapter 31?
(a) Liam Griffith.
(b) Dom Fanelli.
(c) Stein.
(d) Jack Koenig.

5. Who does Kate tell John is watching their door?
(a) The CIA.
(b) Two cops.
(c) The FBI.
(d) Dom Fanelli.

6. How long did John look for Kate before returning to his apartment?
(a) All night.
(b) Several days.
(c) Minutes.
(d) An hour or two.

7. Why does John rent a car and drive to Philadelphia at the end of Chapter 32?
(a) To inteview Roxanne Scarangello.
(b) To visit an old friend.
(c) To find Kate.
(d) To follow a lead on the Khalil case.

8. Why does John leave his car in a parking lot of SUNY in Chapter 48?
(a) To avoid car accidents.
(b) To keep from using too much gas.
(c) To keep it safe.
(d) To keep anyone from knowing where he is.

9. What deal does Ted Nash want to make with John in regards to the videotape he now knows John has?
(a) To not tell his boss he was involved in the coverup.
(b) To send it to the press.
(c) To not tell his boss he is alive.
(d) To keep it secret.

10. Why does John want to speak with Jill Winslow?
(a) He suspects she knows who the terrorist responsible for Flight 800 is.
(b) He suspects she can prove Koenig is corrupt.
(c) He suspects she knows who the lovers are.
(d) He believes she is half of the suspected lovers at the Bayview Hotel.

11. What does John advise Jill to do with her copy of the videotape?
(a) Give it to him.
(b) Put it in a hotel safe.
(c) Put it in an anonymous locker at the bus station.
(d) Give it to her husband.

12. What question about the possible rental of a video tape by the suspected lovers bothers John in Chapter 37?
(a) Why the couple took the time to watch television.
(b) Why the couple wanted to see the movie.
(c) Why the couple had such bad taste in movies.
(d) Why the couple stole the tape.

13. What is significant about the location of the restaurant where John wants to meet with Nash the following morning?
(a) It is located in Pennsylvania.
(b) It is located on Rodeo Drive.
(c) It is located near the Pentagon.
(d) It is located in the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

14. Who does John describe as the referee in his description of the people he plans to invite to the meeting regarding the videotape?
(a) Someone from the CIA.
(b) Someone from the Attorney General's office.
(c) Someone from FBI headquarters.
(d) Someone from the NTSB.

15. How did the dates in which John returned to the United States and the date on which he scheduled the meeting regarding the videotape foreshadow disaster?
(a) Because they fell on his birthday, suggesting a hesitation in the investigation.
(b) Because the reader already knew of the events of September 11, 2001.
(c) Because the dates are bad luck days.
(d) Because the reader already knew no videotape was ever discovered.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John ask Jill to do with the tape in Chapter 47?

2. What does Jill tell John in Chapter 45 happened to the original video tape taken the night of the crash of Flight 800?

3. What is significant about the date on which John returns from Yemen?

4. Who does John have breakfast with the morning of September 10?

5. To what city does John decide to visit in Chapter 42?

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