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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What name does John discover on the receipt in Chapter 36?
(a) Jack Koenig.
(b) Kate Mayfield.
(c) Bud Mitchell.
(d) Jill Winslow.

2. What does John learn about the lovers on the beach the night of the crash of Flight 800 in Chapter 41?
(a) They were an old couple watching the stars.
(b) They were never on the beach.
(c) The were blind and saw nothing.
(d) They were having sex during the crash and saw nothing.

3. Who does John ask if he was in on the cover-up regarding the videotape?
(a) Liam Griffith.
(b) David Stein.
(c) Ted Nash.
(d) Jack Koenig.

4. Who comes out of hiding just as John is prepared to leave?
(a) Jack Koenig.
(b) A beautiful, mysterious woman.
(c) Kate.
(d) Ted Nash.

5. What is significant about the date on which John returns from Yemen?
(a) It is four days before the September 11 attacks.
(b) It is the anniversary of the crash of TWA Flight 800.
(c) It is his and Kate's wedding anniversary.
(d) It is his birthday.

6. What receipt does John ask to be shown in Chapter 36?
(a) A receipt for a video rental by the suspected lovers.
(b) A receipt for a hotel room rented by a new suspect.
(c) A receipt for a massage by the suspected lovers.
(d) A receipt for a meal eaten by new suspects.

7. How many cars do John and Kate take to the meeting the following morning?
(a) 4.
(b) 1.
(c) 3.
(d) 2.

8. What happened to the building where the meeting regarding the videotape was planned to take place?
(a) It fell in an earthquake.
(b) It collapsed after a plane crashed into it.
(c) It was quarantined for a suspected outbreak.
(d) It caught on fire.

9. What rental service does the maid tell John that the hotel provides to their guests?
(a) A massage therapist.
(b) An gym.
(c) A library that includes video tapes.
(d) A camera and camcorder rental.

10. How long does John wait after the husband has left before ringing Jill Winslow's doorbell in Chapter 44?
(a) Ten minutes.
(b) Nearly an hour.
(c) Five minutes.
(d) Two hours.

11. How does John convince the police sergeant to give him directions to the Winslow house in Chapter 43?
(a) By saying the rapist has been in the area.
(b) By saying the prowler might show up at the house.
(c) By saying he needs to protect the witness.
(d) By saying he needs to watch for suspicious behavior.

12. What is foreshadowing?
(a) The attempt of hiding information.
(b) Events in the past distorting the future.
(c) The suggestion of events that will happen in the future of a plot's development.
(d) The story of a character's past and its impact on a plot's development.

13. What movie does John ask JIll to get a copy of while she is out shopping in Chapter 49?
(a) Casablanca.
(b) A Man and a Woman.
(c) Toy Story.
(d) Independence Day.

14. For what reason do they use this number of cars to transport them to the meeting?
(a) To have room for all the cops protecting them.
(b) To distract their enemies.
(c) Security.
(d) To save gas.

15. What room does John request when he arrives at the hotel?
(a) Room 103.
(b) Room 203.
(c) Room 503.
(d) Room 302.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jill Winslow's husband go in Chapter 44 that allows John to speak to her alone?

2. What does John describe as the game ball in his description of the meeting to take place on September 11?

3. Why does John rent a car and drive to Philadelphia at the end of Chapter 32?

4. What test does John learn in Chapter 41 that the suspected lovers passed during the investigation of Flight 800?

5. What does Jill force John to watch when she shows him the videotape of the plane crash?

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