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Nelson Demille
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What information does Dom Fanelli give John in Chapter 38?
(a) That Koenig wants John fired.
(b) Where to find Jill Winslow.
(c) That Ted Nash is still alive.
(d) That Kate is coming home soon.

2. How does John react when Kate arrives in Chapter 52?
(a) He kisses her, happy to see her.
(b) He realizes he no longer loves her.
(c) He confesses his own infidelity.
(d) He accuses her of infidelity.

3. Which of the following people is not invited to the meeting the following morning, as John explains to Jill in Chapter 50?
(a) Bud Mitchell.
(b) Jack Koenig.
(c) Mark Winslow.
(d) David Stein.

4. What does Jill force John to watch when she shows him the videotape of the plane crash?
(a) The beginning of the movie A Man and A Woman.
(b) Herself giving a speech about terrorism.
(c) Herself having sex with Bud.
(d) A family video placed at the beginning of the tape.

5. Who comes out of hiding just as John is prepared to leave?
(a) Kate.
(b) Ted Nash.
(c) A beautiful, mysterious woman.
(d) Jack Koenig.

6. What is foreshadowing?
(a) The attempt of hiding information.
(b) Events in the past distorting the future.
(c) The suggestion of events that will happen in the future of a plot's development.
(d) The story of a character's past and its impact on a plot's development.

7. For what reason do they use this number of cars to transport them to the meeting?
(a) Security.
(b) To distract their enemies.
(c) To have room for all the cops protecting them.
(d) To save gas.

8. What does John later learn happened to Jill?
(a) Kate saw her car crash.
(b) Kate put her on the elevator moments before the plane crash.
(c) Kate sent her home.
(d) Kate saw her arrested.

9. Where does Dom Fanelli promise John he will be the following morning?
(a) In the restaurant.
(b) In the hospital.
(c) With him, to escort him to the meeting.
(d) With kate at the hotel.

10. What does John ask Jill to do with the tape in Chapter 47?
(a) Give it to Jack Koenig.
(b) Hide it in a safe.
(c) Give it to her husband.
(d) Make a copy for him.

11. Why does John speak to an officer named Alvarez?
(a) To ask him to bring in more reinforcements.
(b) To ask him to escort them to the meeting the following morning.
(c) To ask him to leave.
(d) To ask him to contact his superior.

12. How many cars do John and Kate take to the meeting the following morning?
(a) 4.
(b) 2.
(c) 1.
(d) 3.

13. To what city does John decide to visit in Chapter 42?
(a) Manhattan, New York.
(b) Old Brookville, New Jersey.
(c) Hartford, Connecticut.
(d) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

14. Where do John and Kate spend their final night together before both go to their respective assignments overseas?
(a) Ecco bar.
(b) In the office.
(c) Windows on the World Restaurant.
(d) At home.

15. Who arrives last at the meeting regarding the videotape?
(a) Jill.
(b) Kate.
(c) Ted Nash.
(d) John.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John do in Chapter 42 after his meeting on the beach?

2. What does John advise Jill to do with her copy of the videotape?

3. Why is Jill afraid she will go to jail after showing John the videotape?

4. Why did the FBI tell the maid she should quit her job at the Bayview Hotel the day after the crash of Flight 800?

5. To where does John go in Chapter 42 after arriving in the city he has chosen to visit?

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