Objects & Places from Night Fall

Nelson Demille
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Cupsogue Beach County Park

The public park where Jill and Bud inadvertently record the TWA explosion.

The Village of Westhampton

A wealthy, gated community on Long Island where a witness lives with his/her spouse.

The Bayview Hotel

A high-end hotel where Jill Winslow and Bud Mitchell booked a room on the night of the TWA crash and where John Corey focused a large portion of his investigation into the TWA crash.

The Beach Blanket

This item links a particular hotel to a camera lens cap found on a beach where someone might have been able to record the crash of TWA Flight 800.

The Band-Aid Wrapper

A maid, Roxanne, found this in the hotel room of a couple suspected of videotaping the crash of TWA Flight 800 and Bud later realizes it was used to make a copy of that suspected videotape.

The Plaza Hotel

This is where several...

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