Night Fall Character Descriptions

Nelson Demille
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John Corey

This person was once a New York City homicide investigator and is now working with the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force. This character becomes involved in the investigation of the crash of TWA Flight 800 five years after the fact in order to answer lingering questions about the crash.

Dick Kearns

This person was once a NYPD homicide detective and agent with the ATTF. This person now works as a civilian doing background checks and aids in an unofficial investigation into TWA Flight 800.

Dom Fanelli

This person, once a member of ATTF until being shot by a terrorist, helps track down witnesses in the unofficial investigation into TWA Flight 800.

Marie Gubitosi Lentini

This person investigated the Bayview Hotel connection to the crash of Flight 800 for the ATTF and believes the FBI hid portions of their investigation.

Kate Mayfield

This person is a lawyer working with the FBI and...

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