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Short Answer Questions

1. Words that concern things such as feelings and actions are less believable than what, according to Aristotle?

2. What person does Aristotle claim most notably feels love just in knowing a person, and not in receiving love returned?

3. To whose undemonstrated statements and opinions ought people pay attention, according to Aristotle?

4. What is the immediate source of action, according to Aristotle in VI.2?

5. What principally occupies the topic of discussion in X.6?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is one reason Aristotle gives for which someone ought not to treat former friends in some way different than strangers if the friendship was dissolved to to an excess of vice?

2. Explain the relationship Aristotle makes note of between affirming and denying in thinking and pursuing, and avoiding in desiring.

3. Through the possession of what virtue, according to Aristotle, is man said to have possession of all the intellectual virtues, at least to some degree, and why?

4. Give an example of something affirmed by knowledge, as that which cannot be otherwise than it is.

5. Why is it said by Aristotle that the lesser types of friendship are called friendship only insofar as they resemble the highest?

6. Why is it difficult, in the opinion of Aristotle, for a person to have many close and virtuous friends?

7. Why does Aristotle end his discussion of ethics by beginning a discussion of politics?

8. Why do friendships of utility quickly come about and subsequently dissolve, according to Aristotle?

9. For Aristotle, in what does the relationship between man's nature and his need for friends consist?

10. What is meant by Aristotle saying that pleasures from different sources can be impediments to activities?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As one of the virtues primarily dealing with the irrational part of the soul, temperance figures centrally in Aristotle's conception of virtue. Compose an essay which analyzes Aristotle's presentation of the virtue of temperance. What part of the soul does temperance restrain? How does it restrain it? With what is temperance concerned? What stands in opposition to temperance? Why is temperance important to being a virtuous person?

Essay Topic 2

Of the moral virtues, none stands in higher regard than that of one's greatness of soul. Analyze Aristotle's presentation of the great-souled man in a careful and thorough essay, considering both what greatness of soul is in itself and its relationship to all of the other virtues. How does it relate to temperance, courage, generosity, and any of the other moral virtues? How is it related to the intellectual virtues? What are some specific examples of a great-souled man? How does a great-souled man react in specific situations? What makes such a person exemplary for others?

Essay Topic 3

As that which rightly governs man's being, it can be reasonably stated that practical judgment is the most important of all virtues. Compose an essay which analyzes the virtue of practical judgment. In what does it consist? Why is it a virtue? What other virtues are entailed in its being possessed? How is it superior to other virtues? What is its end?

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