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Final Test - Medium

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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The workers at The Maids get free ________ when they arrive at work in the morning, but have to wear uniforms.
(a) Donuts
(b) Eggs
(c) Energy bars
(d) Pancakes

2. What is the name of the test Barbara fills out when she is apply at The Maids job during the hiring process?
(a) IQ
(b) Personality
(c) Accutrack
(d) Enneagram

3. Why is it strange that the author decides to go to a religious revival meeting on her night off?
(a) She's an atheist
(b) She has no money
(c) She told herself she wouldn't
(d) She doesn't like to go out

4. At the Wal-Mart job fair, Barbara fills out a long test which seems to push her into claiming total ___________ and complete obedience.
(a) Perfection
(b) Honesy
(c) Fidelity
(d) Availability

5. A look at the local free magazine reveals very little _________ Barbara can afford in the area where she is staying.
(a) Work
(b) Diversity
(c) Housing
(d) Hope

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Barbara have to surrender when she goes in for her drug test at the hospital?

2. Who does Barbara have to talk about when it comes to the result of her test?

3. What does Ted say Barbara has an allergy to when she complains about having a rash on her hands?

4. Barbara thinks she is supposed to _____________ on her shift, but no one else on her shift does.

5. What is the one thing Barbara will be able to avoid a bit more from her new apartment's location?

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