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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Barbara accidentally shatter in her efforts to help Holly not have to work as hard?
(a) A picture frame
(b) Glass fish bowl
(c) A vase
(d) The glass sculpture

2. Why is it strange that the author decides to go to a religious revival meeting on her night off?
(a) She told herself she wouldn't
(b) She's an atheist
(c) She doesn't like to go out
(d) She has no money

3. What is the first thing the woman in #118 found in order to help her get started in her new life?
(a) A motel
(b) Church group
(c) A job
(d) Welfare office

4. Barbara notes that Wal-Mart is a __________ system and when one is working there, one forgets there is an outside world.
(a) Brainwashing
(b) Cult
(c) Closed
(d) Careful

5. Where does the author eventually stay when she realizes she will not be able to find a place with the money she is making?
(a) Holiday Inn
(b) Comfort Inn
(c) Super 8
(d) Radisson

6. Barbara thinks the fact she is __________ will help her since she will not stand out from others.
(a) A single woman
(b) A divorced woman
(c) White
(d) A yuppie

7. Barbara describes a feeling of hopeless __________ in her position as a maid, even when she is in public in her uniform.
(a) Frustration
(b) Poverty
(c) Invisibility
(d) Anger

8. According tot he ACLU, the process of drug testing ___________ improve the chances of screening out addicts.
(a) Will greatly
(b) Can
(c) Does
(d) Does not

9. The workers have troubles coming up with two dollars to buy a new ___________ when one is left behind at the office.
(a) Sponge
(b) Bottle of cleaner
(c) Squeegee
(d) Rag

10. What is the one thing Barbara will be able to avoid a bit more from her new apartment's location?
(a) Water
(b) Freeways
(c) Dog park
(d) Noise

11. The Maids say the work they do will be easy because cleaning is in our __________, notes Barbara.
(a) Nature
(b) Blood
(c) Morality
(d) City's values

12. What is the title of the job Barbara takes at the Woodcrest residential facility, an elder care facility?
(a) Nurse's aide
(b) Medical assistant
(c) Dietary aid
(d) Housekeeper

13. In what department does Barbara find she will work when she is as employee for Wal-Mart?
(a) Shoe
(b) Men's
(c) Kid's
(d) Women's

14. What is the name of the test Barbara fills out when she is apply at The Maids job during the hiring process?
(a) Personality
(b) Accutrack
(c) IQ
(d) Enneagram

15. At the Wal-Mart job fair, Barbara fills out a long test which seems to push her into claiming total ___________ and complete obedience.
(a) Fidelity
(b) Availability
(c) Honesy
(d) Perfection

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Barbara rent a room until she is able to find housing that will work for her?

2. What are managers to think of themselves as when they are working at Wal-Mart?

3. What city in Maine does Barbara choose for her next working location during her assignment?

4. Who does Barbara have to talk about when it comes to the result of her test?

5. The _____________ market proves to be a challenge in the city Barbara moves to in Minnesota.

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