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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Barbara doesn't even apply for ___________ since she knows she doesn't have the clothing for this type of work.
(a) Retail work
(b) Office work
(c) Factory work
(d) Management positions

2. What does Barbara continue to look for since she does not know the result of her drug test?
(a) Things to do
(b) Drug pass kits
(c) Work
(d) Food

3. A look at the local free magazine reveals very little _________ Barbara can afford in the area where she is staying.
(a) Diversity
(b) Housing
(c) Hope
(d) Work

4. Despite the miraculous vacuum cleaner, Lori and Pauline's __________ are ruined and wrecked.
(a) Backs
(b) Hair cuts
(c) Areas
(d) Uniforms

5. Rosalie worked so hard as a _____________ in her childhood that her rotator cuff is damaged, though she continues to work through the pain.
(a) Rice picker
(b) Maid
(c) Dishwasher
(d) Berry picker

6. In what department does Barbara find she will work when she is as employee for Wal-Mart?
(a) Men's
(b) Women's
(c) Kid's
(d) Shoe

7. Because of the low wages that are paid in the area, people who are working at minimum wage are expected to ____________.
(a) Scrimp
(b) Argue at the interview
(c) Work longer hours
(d) Hold multiple jobs

8. Which department is Barbara placed into when she goes back to Menards to find out about the job?
(a) Appliances
(b) Plumbing
(c) Plants
(d) Wood

9. The thing Barbara hates to clean most of all is _________ in the bathrooms of their customers.
(a) Feces
(b) Tubs
(c) Sinks
(d) Urine

10. What does the author have to do once she is done with the testing process at Wal-Mart?
(a) Read a book
(b) Start a shift
(c) Train five new people
(d) Drug test

11. What city in Minnesota does Barbara choose in order to find a new job in her assignment?
(a) St. Paul Town
(b) Minneapolis
(c) Springfield
(d) Salmon Lake

12. Barbara is horrified to see that The Maids use very little _________ when they are cleaning.
(a) Effort
(b) Water
(c) Soap
(d) Cleanser

13. Given that The Maids are paid _______, Barbara doesn't understand why they need to rush through their duties.
(a) Monthly
(b) Everyday
(c) Weekly
(d) Hourly

14. Marge and Holly talk about how low wage ____________ even look down on maids when they are out.
(a) Waitresses
(b) Farm workers
(c) Factory workers
(d) Bus boys

15. What drug is Barbara afraid might skew the results of a drug test she might have to take?
(a) LSD
(b) Ecstasy
(c) Marijuana
(d) Cocaine

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Barbara rent a room until she is able to find housing that will work for her?

2. The author meets a prissy woman who tracks her baby's _______________ with the help of a chart.

3. What is one of the things Barbara is NOT handed when she goes back to Menards?

4. How long does the shift at Menards turn out to be when they call again the next day before she goes to work?

5. Frequently, owners of homes will set up ___________ to keep an eye on the housekeeping help that are in their homes

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