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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. It is Wal-Mart's policy to ____________ clothing in order to make the shopping experience slightly different.
(a) Move around
(b) Remove
(c) Replace
(d) Fold

2. What are managers to think of themselves as when they are working at Wal-Mart?
(a) Servant leaders
(b) Slave drivers
(c) Peacekeepers
(d) Growth managers

3. What does the author have to do once she is done with the testing process at Wal-Mart?
(a) Start a shift
(b) Read a book
(c) Train five new people
(d) Drug test

4. What does Barbara accidentally shatter in her efforts to help Holly not have to work as hard?
(a) Glass fish bowl
(b) A picture frame
(c) A vase
(d) The glass sculpture

5. Barbara is horrified to see that The Maids use very little _________ when they are cleaning.
(a) Cleanser
(b) Water
(c) Effort
(d) Soap

6. Despite the miraculous vacuum cleaner, Lori and Pauline's __________ are ruined and wrecked.
(a) Hair cuts
(b) Uniforms
(c) Backs
(d) Areas

7. What does Barbara continue to look for since she does not know the result of her drug test?
(a) Work
(b) Drug pass kits
(c) Things to do
(d) Food

8. Barbara thinks she is supposed to _____________ on her shift, but no one else on her shift does.
(a) Greet customers
(b) Fold clothing
(c) Keep moving
(d) Straighten up the store

9. The workers have troubles coming up with two dollars to buy a new ___________ when one is left behind at the office.
(a) Sponge
(b) Squeegee
(c) Rag
(d) Bottle of cleaner

10. Barbara thinks the fact she is __________ will help her since she will not stand out from others.
(a) A divorced woman
(b) A yuppie
(c) White
(d) A single woman

11. Where does the author eventually stay when she realizes she will not be able to find a place with the money she is making?
(a) Radisson
(b) Holiday Inn
(c) Super 8
(d) Comfort Inn

12. Barbara describes a feeling of hopeless __________ in her position as a maid, even when she is in public in her uniform.
(a) Poverty
(b) Invisibility
(c) Frustration
(d) Anger

13. What is hurting Barbara as she is filling up the dishwasher with dishes and carrying away the dirty items?
(a) Her back
(b) Nothing
(c) Her head
(d) Her hands

14. Given that The Maids are paid _______, Barbara doesn't understand why they need to rush through their duties.
(a) Monthly
(b) Everyday
(c) Weekly
(d) Hourly

15. Wal-Mart contends that _______ take money from workers and risk the wages of workers
(a) Unions
(b) Time thieves
(c) Thieves
(d) Outsiders

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the test Barbara fills out when she is apply at The Maids job during the hiring process?

2. Rosalie worked so hard as a _____________ in her childhood that her rotator cuff is damaged, though she continues to work through the pain.

3. At the Wal-Mart job fair, Barbara fills out a long test which seems to push her into claiming total ___________ and complete obedience.

4. Barbara doesn't even apply for ___________ since she knows she doesn't have the clothing for this type of work.

5. When Barbara returns to her home in Clearview, she finds out that __________ is covering the floor of her room, requiring her to move to a new one.

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