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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Nobody seems to make eye contact, Barbara notes, when she applies at _____________, which strikes her as weird.
(a) Wal-Mart
(b) Salvation Army
(c) Goodwill
(d) Meijer

2. The _____________ market proves to be a challenge in the city Barbara moves to in Minnesota.
(a) Food
(b) Job
(c) Housing
(d) Retail

3. What does Marge suspect about Holly and this is confirmed when she will not answer the question?
(a) She is dying
(b) She is pregnant
(c) She is sleeping with Ted
(d) She is quitting

4. What drug is Barbara afraid might skew the results of a drug test she might have to take?
(a) Marijuana
(b) Ecstasy
(c) Cocaine
(d) LSD

5. What city in Minnesota does Barbara choose in order to find a new job in her assignment?
(a) Minneapolis
(b) St. Paul Town
(c) Salmon Lake
(d) Springfield

6. What does Barbara continue to look for since she does not know the result of her drug test?
(a) Drug pass kits
(b) Things to do
(c) Work
(d) Food

7. What is the name of the test Barbara fills out when she is apply at The Maids job during the hiring process?
(a) Accutrack
(b) IQ
(c) Enneagram
(d) Personality

8. Rosalie worked so hard as a _____________ in her childhood that her rotator cuff is damaged, though she continues to work through the pain.
(a) Berry picker
(b) Rice picker
(c) Maid
(d) Dishwasher

9. Barbara doesn't even apply for ___________ since she knows she doesn't have the clothing for this type of work.
(a) Office work
(b) Factory work
(c) Management positions
(d) Retail work

10. Barbara describes a feeling of hopeless __________ in her position as a maid, even when she is in public in her uniform.
(a) Anger
(b) Poverty
(c) Invisibility
(d) Frustration

11. Barbara notes that Wal-Mart is a __________ system and when one is working there, one forgets there is an outside world.
(a) Careful
(b) Cult
(c) Closed
(d) Brainwashing

12. What does Barbara have to surrender when she goes in for her drug test at the hospital?
(a) Her driver's license
(b) Her purse
(c) Her sweater
(d) Her jacket

13. The Maids calculate their wages by ________, which makes it difficult to know what a person is being paid.
(a) Year
(b) Hour
(c) Month
(d) Week

14. What does Ted say Barbara has an allergy to when she complains about having a rash on her hands?
(a) Latex
(b) Soap
(c) Work
(d) Water

15. The workers at The Maids get free ________ when they arrive at work in the morning, but have to wear uniforms.
(a) Energy bars
(b) Eggs
(c) Pancakes
(d) Donuts

Short Answer Questions

1. Barbara thinks she is supposed to _____________ on her shift, but no one else on her shift does.

2. What is one of the things Barbara is NOT handed when she goes back to Menards?

3. _______ used in the bathroom are also going to be used in the kitchen, according to the instruction of The Maids.

4. The author concludes that the hiring process is designed to ____________ workers down and make them agree to anything.

5. What is the title of the job Barbara takes at the Woodcrest residential facility, an elder care facility?

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