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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Barbara continue to look for since she does not know the result of her drug test?
(a) Things to do
(b) Drug pass kits
(c) Food
(d) Work

2. What is hurting Barbara as she is filling up the dishwasher with dishes and carrying away the dirty items?
(a) Her hands
(b) Her head
(c) Her back
(d) Nothing

3. What does Barbara have to care for when she stays in a friend's house at the beginning of her adventure in Minnesota?
(a) Dog
(b) Cockatiel
(c) Fish
(d) Cat

4. Barbara begins to realize that she is acting like an unhappy __________ when she argues with another worker at Wal-Mart.
(a) Yuppie
(b) Manager
(c) Child
(d) Woman

5. What is the title of the job Barbara takes at the Woodcrest residential facility, an elder care facility?
(a) Nurse's aide
(b) Medical assistant
(c) Dietary aid
(d) Housekeeper

6. The author concludes that the hiring process is designed to ____________ workers down and make them agree to anything.
(a) Force
(b) Strip
(c) Keep
(d) Push

7. What is interesting about the test Barbara takes when she applies at Wal-Mart again?
(a) It's not the same as the last one she took
(b) She gets answers 'wrong'
(c) She fails the test and gets thrown out
(d) There is no record of her last test

8. Ruthie decides to pour _____________ on Barbara's breakfast and jokes again and again that Barbara should be called Barbara Bush.
(a) Orange juice
(b) Water
(c) Salt
(d) Tobasco sause

9. Which department is Barbara placed into when she goes back to Menards to find out about the job?
(a) Appliances
(b) Plumbing
(c) Wood
(d) Plants

10. Nobody seems to make eye contact, Barbara notes, when she applies at _____________, which strikes her as weird.
(a) Salvation Army
(b) Wal-Mart
(c) Goodwill
(d) Meijer

11. It is Wal-Mart's policy to ____________ clothing in order to make the shopping experience slightly different.
(a) Fold
(b) Replace
(c) Remove
(d) Move around

12. Who is the diabetic that sneaks donuts at the Woodcrest residential facility where the author works her second job?
(a) Linda
(b) Margarite
(c) Grace
(d) Letty

13. _______ used in the bathroom are also going to be used in the kitchen, according to the instruction of The Maids.
(a) Vacuums
(b) Sponges
(c) Scrubbers
(d) Rags

14. What does Marge suspect about Holly and this is confirmed when she will not answer the question?
(a) She is pregnant
(b) She is dying
(c) She is sleeping with Ted
(d) She is quitting

15. According tot he ACLU, the process of drug testing ___________ improve the chances of screening out addicts.
(a) Does not
(b) Will greatly
(c) Does
(d) Can

Short Answer Questions

1. What are managers to think of themselves as when they are working at Wal-Mart?

2. _____________ has to support her husband and an elderly relative on 30 to 50 dollars each week.

3. The obvious __________ of the sales company is a breath of fresh air for the author compared to the false concern from Wal-Mart.

4. Barbara is horrified to see that The Maids use very little _________ when they are cleaning.

5. Working class people are driven to live in ____________ since rents are so high in the areas where they work.

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