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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Barbara realizes that her use of a car is different as many minimum wage workers have to use _________ to get around.
(a) Buses
(b) Friends
(c) Streets
(d) Their legs

2. Barbara makes the common that the ____________ is too low and that someone used to more should try to live with it.
(a) Minimum wage
(b) Health benefit package
(c) Worker hour restriction
(d) Break schedule

3. Who is Barbara Ehrenreich's editor, the one who assigns her the story that became this book?
(a) Lewis Lapham
(b) Stu Manshet
(c) Louis Lanston
(d) Joseph Truman

4. One manager threatens to take the _______________ privilege from the employees even though this is their only hideout to smoke or eat.
(a) Outside
(b) Office
(c) Break room
(d) Bar

5. Barbara notes that her sister constantly complained about the hopelessness of being a ____________.
(a) Waitress
(b) Woman
(c) Wage slave
(d) Minimum wage worker

6. What does Jerry's restaurant close off to employees since they don't want other employees lingering there during breaks?
(a) Break room
(b) Outside area
(c) Bar
(d) Dining room

7. Barbara admits she has two things going for her as a minimum wage worker - she is ________ and she is a native English speaker.
(a) Available
(b) Woman
(c) Educated
(d) White

8. What would Barbara use in order to document her daily experiences after her shifts were done for the day?
(a) Napkins
(b) Laptop
(c) Journal
(d) The wall

9. How long do Carlie and Barbara work before they take a break from their housekeeping work?
(a) 4 hours
(b) 5 hours
(c) 8 hours
(d) 10 hours

10. Barbara says that she will not rely on her superior ______________ to support herself.
(a) Resume
(b) Name recognition
(c) Education
(d) Literacy

11. Barbara notes that she made a rule that she had to work hard at her jobs to keep them, not go off on ________ rants or sneak off to read novels in the ladies' room.
(a) Marxist
(b) Liberal
(c) Curse-filled
(d) Long-winded

12. Barbara is surprised that she feels a strong urge to ________ the patrons who she meets.
(a) Avoid
(b) Impress
(c) Nuture
(d) Ignore

13. Barbara promises to spend a _________ in each location in order to get a sense of the area.
(a) Week
(b) Few months
(c) Year
(d) Month

14. What does Ehrenreich discover about her uniform when she is heading over to her second job?
(a) It is stained
(b) It is ripped
(c) It is too small
(d) It is at home

15. Gail reveals that she had to live in _______ and pee into a plastic bottle after her boyfriend she lives with suddenly dies.
(a) A box
(b) The bathroom
(c) A truck
(d) A storage space

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the tiny busy woman who teaches Barbara the rules of the next job she takes on at the hotel adjacent to the restaurant?

2. Barbara began to realize that the only thing that made her special and separate from others at her workplace was her lack of __________.

3. __________ is a city in which Barbara is afraid she might be recognized, so she looks for work in a nearby city.

4. What did Barbara fear employers would think she was if she were to put the PhD on her resumes and applications?

5. When Barbara is paired up with Carlie on her first shift, Carlie is angry they have 19 _________ to swab down in just one shift.

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