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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long do Carlie and Barbara work before they take a break from their housekeeping work?
(a) 5 hours
(b) 10 hours
(c) 4 hours
(d) 8 hours

2. When a manager sees Barbara having a little __________ during her shift, she is scolded, but instead of fighting it, she walks out.
(a) Soup
(b) Smoke
(c) Sip of water
(d) Break

3. Barbara will keep driving a beat up ____________ car, though she knows many minimum wage workers can not.
(a) Rent-a-wreck
(b) Used
(c) Auction
(d) Expensive

4. Barbara is also not willing to make up a _____________ in order to pad her resume as she is going off to find jobs.
(a) Number of children
(b) Husband
(c) False life
(d) Work life

5. What is the name of the cook who occasionally throws meat against the wall during his shift?
(a) Roger
(b) Billy
(c) Stu
(d) Joseph

6. At what publication does the editor who assigns the story to Barbara work?
(a) Glamour
(b) Harper's
(c) Ladies Home Journal
(d) Redbook

7. The author also doesn't want to live in an _____________ building when she is off on her assignment.
(a) Ill built
(b) Apartment
(c) Inferior
(d) Illuminated

8. Barbara realizes she will need ____________ in order to pay for her apartment.
(a) To stop driving
(b) Another job
(c) Less food
(d) More tips

9. What are they listening to at full volume as they are cleaning each of the hotel rooms?
(a) Their headphones
(b) Rap music
(c) Soap operas
(d) Local news

10. Barbara realizes that her use of a car is different as many minimum wage workers have to use _________ to get around.
(a) Friends
(b) Their legs
(c) Buses
(d) Streets

11. What is Barbara's PhD in, according to her own admittance?
(a) English
(b) Business
(c) Public Policy
(d) Biology

12. Later it is rumored that Stu was guilty of stealing money to support his __________ habit.
(a) Alcohol
(b) Crack cocaine
(c) Cigarette
(d) Marijuana

13. The management at the restaurant try to keep Barbara __________ at every moment of her shift, even when it's slow.
(a) Happy
(b) Busy
(c) Bored
(d) Angry

14. Barbara will give up completely on the project if it seems she will be ___________, if only for one night.
(a) Homeless
(b) Sick
(c) Hungry
(d) Out of contact

15. Barbara begins to realize that when she is a maid, she is not ____________ to be a maid. She really is a maid.
(a) Trying
(b) Desiring
(c) Training
(d) Pretending

Short Answer Questions

1. Barbara notes that her sister constantly complained about the hopelessness of being a ____________.

2. __________ is a city in which Barbara is afraid she might be recognized, so she looks for work in a nearby city.

3. What is the 'dream job' that Barbara lands in addition to her restaurant job, taking on both when in Florida?

4. At the ____________, the interviewer Barbara meets warns her about labor organizers, to avoid them.

5. Who is Barbara Ehrenreich's editor, the one who assigns her the story that became this book?

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