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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a manager sees Barbara having a little __________ during her shift, she is scolded, but instead of fighting it, she walks out.
(a) Smoke
(b) Break
(c) Sip of water
(d) Soup

2. Barbara says that she will not rely on her superior ______________ to support herself.
(a) Name recognition
(b) Literacy
(c) Resume
(d) Education

3. When the going gets too rough for Barbara, she admits she will use ____________ to get by.
(a) Begging
(b) Her resume
(c) Credit cards
(d) Checks

4. When the drug testing is supposed to begin, the employees speculate that it is _________ who is guilty of the drug issue.
(a) Stu
(b) Gail
(c) Billy
(d) Joseph

5. Many of the businesses in town seem to place ads in the paper ____________ so as to always have applicants.
(a) Constantly
(b) Once in a while
(c) On Mondays
(d) On Sundays

6. Barbara makes the common that the ____________ is too low and that someone used to more should try to live with it.
(a) Break schedule
(b) Minimum wage
(c) Health benefit package
(d) Worker hour restriction

7. Barbara admits that at the end of the project, she did break down and ____________, stealthily, though, and never within hearing of management.
(a) Laugh
(b) Admit her assignment
(c) Rant
(d) Cry

8. What does Barbara not want to mention when she is out in her new working life?
(a) PhD
(b) Her husband
(c) Her daughters
(d) Her hometown

9. Barbara realizes she will need ____________ in order to pay for her apartment.
(a) To stop driving
(b) Less food
(c) Another job
(d) More tips

10. The other restaurant that Barbara works at during her time in Florida is called ___________, a chain with huge food and calorie packed dishes.
(a) Raley's
(b) Bobby's
(c) Jerry's
(d) Billy's

11. Barbara's father had been a _____________; her uncles and grandfathers worked in the mines or for the Union Pacific.
(a) Journalist
(b) Chef
(c) Restaurant owner
(d) Copper miner

12. Gail reveals that she had to live in _______ and pee into a plastic bottle after her boyfriend she lives with suddenly dies.
(a) A box
(b) The bathroom
(c) A truck
(d) A storage space

13. Barbara began to realize that the only thing that made her special and separate from others at her workplace was her lack of __________.
(a) Experience
(b) Driver's license
(c) Ripped clothing
(d) Debt

14. Barbara does admit that she modified her __________ when she was new at the job and wanted to fit in.
(a) Vocabulary
(b) Hairstyle
(c) Clothing
(d) Makeup

15. At what publication does the editor who assigns the story to Barbara work?
(a) Ladies Home Journal
(b) Harper's
(c) Redbook
(d) Glamour

Short Answer Questions

1. The author also doesn't want to live in an _____________ building when she is off on her assignment.

2. The author most dislikes the visible __________ at the restaurant where she works since they complain and never leave good tips.

3. Barbara admits she has two things going for her as a minimum wage worker - she is ________ and she is a native English speaker.

4. As Barbara downs coffee who does she notice is looking haggard when she shows up for her next job?

5. Barbara begins to realize that when she is a maid, she is not ____________ to be a maid. She really is a maid.

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