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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Barbara notes that her sister constantly complained about the hopelessness of being a ____________.
(a) Minimum wage worker
(b) Waitress
(c) Woman
(d) Wage slave

2. Barbara will take the ____________ paying minimum wage job she can find when she's off on assignment.
(a) Highest
(b) Lowest
(c) Longest
(d) Consistently

3. Barbara begins to realize that minimum wage workers are no less ____________ or intelligent than she is.
(a) Bored
(b) Capable
(c) Exhausted
(d) Eager

4. Barbara is also not willing to make up a _____________ in order to pad her resume as she is going off to find jobs.
(a) False life
(b) Number of children
(c) Work life
(d) Husband

5. Having spend her life with ____________ struggling people, the author is not happy about getting the assignment.
(a) Non-
(b) Middle class
(c) Upper class
(d) Lower class

6. One manager threatens to take the _______________ privilege from the employees even though this is their only hideout to smoke or eat.
(a) Office
(b) Bar
(c) Break room
(d) Outside

7. The businesses place ads in the paper so they can always have a pool of __________ from which to hire at any time.
(a) Women
(b) Applications
(c) Desperate workers
(d) Cheap labor

8. Barbara notes that she made a rule that she had to work hard at her jobs to keep them, not go off on ________ rants or sneak off to read novels in the ladies' room.
(a) Liberal
(b) Curse-filled
(c) Long-winded
(d) Marxist

9. What are they listening to at full volume as they are cleaning each of the hotel rooms?
(a) Their headphones
(b) Soap operas
(c) Rap music
(d) Local news

10. When a manager sees Barbara having a little __________ during her shift, she is scolded, but instead of fighting it, she walks out.
(a) Sip of water
(b) Break
(c) Smoke
(d) Soup

11. Barbara states, "Someone ought to do the old-fashioned kind of ________ - you know, go out there and try it for themselves."
(a) Investigation
(b) Journalism
(c) Experiment
(d) Writing

12. Barbara promises to spend a _________ in each location in order to get a sense of the area.
(a) Month
(b) Week
(c) Few months
(d) Year

13. Barbara is concerned that her biggest challenge will be to hide her _____________, even though this does not turn out to be an issue.
(a) Writing career
(b) Education
(c) Car
(d) Jewelry

14. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, in 1998, the hourly wage necessary to afford a one bedroom apartment was _________.
(a) $10.00
(b) $6.50
(c) $7.50
(d) $8.89

15. When Barbara walks out of the restaurant, she feels _______ instead of feeling enraged, as she expects to.
(a) Grateful
(b) Defeat
(c) Happy
(d) Relieved

Short Answer Questions

1. Some of the coworkers have to pay $60 a night for a hotel room because they can not save up the ___________ for a first and last month rent payment.

2. What is the name of the young Czech dishwasher who Barbara befriends when she is working at the restaurant?

3. The manager, ________, yells at Barbara for a confused breakfast and a yuppie customer complains too.

4. The other restaurant that Barbara works at during her time in Florida is called ___________, a chain with huge food and calorie packed dishes.

5. When Barbara is paired up with Carlie on her first shift, Carlie is angry they have 19 _________ to swab down in just one shift.

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