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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Barbara punished with when she points out that a manager is calling one of his employees by the incorrect name?
(a) Being sent home early
(b) Loss of tips
(c) Reduced wages
(d) Extra work

2. Barbara ruled out areas like LA and New York as the working class consists mainly of people of _______ and she might look out of place.
(a) Class
(b) Higher education
(c) Color
(d) Poverty

3. Barbara does not want to live a life of _________ or discomfort when it comes to this new assignment.
(a) Pain
(b) Risk
(c) Poverty
(d) Inauthenticity

4. What does Ehrenreich discover about her uniform when she is heading over to her second job?
(a) It is too small
(b) It is at home
(c) It is stained
(d) It is ripped

5. At the ____________, the interviewer Barbara meets warns her about labor organizers, to avoid them.
(a) Wal-Mart
(b) Grocery store
(c) Factory
(d) Drugstore

6. The manager, ________, yells at Barbara for a confused breakfast and a yuppie customer complains too.
(a) Joy
(b) Millie
(c) Stu
(d) George

7. At what publication does the editor who assigns the story to Barbara work?
(a) Glamour
(b) Ladies Home Journal
(c) Harper's
(d) Redbook

8. Barbara promises to spend a _________ in each location in order to get a sense of the area.
(a) Year
(b) Month
(c) Few months
(d) Week

9. What is the 'dream job' that Barbara lands in addition to her restaurant job, taking on both when in Florida?
(a) Office work
(b) Factory work
(c) Housekeeping
(d) Librarian

10. Barbara will give up completely on the project if it seems she will be ___________, if only for one night.
(a) Homeless
(b) Out of contact
(c) Sick
(d) Hungry

11. When a manager sees Barbara having a little __________ during her shift, she is scolded, but instead of fighting it, she walks out.
(a) Smoke
(b) Soup
(c) Sip of water
(d) Break

12. Barbara begins to realize that when she is a maid, she is not ____________ to be a maid. She really is a maid.
(a) Desiring
(b) Training
(c) Pretending
(d) Trying

13. What is Barbara's PhD in, according to her own admittance?
(a) English
(b) Biology
(c) Business
(d) Public Policy

14. Barbara begins to realize that minimum wage workers are no less ____________ or intelligent than she is.
(a) Eager
(b) Capable
(c) Exhausted
(d) Bored

15. When Barbara is paired up with Carlie on her first shift, Carlie is angry they have 19 _________ to swab down in just one shift.
(a) Beach chairs
(b) Rooms
(c) Urinals
(d) Bathrooms

Short Answer Questions

1. Barbara makes the common that the ____________ is too low and that someone used to more should try to live with it.

2. One manager threatens to take the _______________ privilege from the employees even though this is their only hideout to smoke or eat.

3. Barbara feels to truly replicate the experience of a minimum wage worker, she would need to have a few __________ in tow too.

4. Some of the coworkers have to pay $60 a night for a hotel room because they can not save up the ___________ for a first and last month rent payment.

5. The Preamble Center for Public Policy noted that the odds against a typical welfare recipient's landing a job at a ______ were about 97 to 1.

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