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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the rest of the company leaves, what does Nicholas confess to Smike?
(a) He enjoys his job.
(b) He loves being an actor.
(c) He hopes Kate is happy.
(d) He is anxious about Kate.

2. Why can Nicholas not pursue this person?
(a) They leave too quickly.
(b) Mr. Charles is introducing him to Mr. Ned.
(c) He is embarrassed.
(d) He is surprised to see this person.

3. What does Squeers tell Ralph he will do if the police ask him what happened?
(a) He will explain that everything was Ralph's idea.
(b) He will commit suicide.
(c) He will lie to protect Ralph.
(d) He will say nothing.

4. Nicholas paid a call on the Kenwigs,' who have had another baby which Mr. Kenwigs has called what?
(a) Lillyvick.
(b) Vick.
(c) Lillyrose.
(d) Lilly.

5. After a chase, what happens to Peg, Squeers and the deed?
(a) They are all taken into custody.
(b) They are caught by Nicholas.
(c) They escape.
(d) They disappear.

Short Answer Questions

1. In his attic room, what does Squeers consider to himself?

2. What is learned about the Cheerybles?

3. What does Nicholas vow?

4. How does Ralph believe they can take revenge on Nicholas?

5. How does Nicholas react when he hears the men saying less than polite comments about Kate?

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