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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Ralph's office, Ralph speaks to himself of what?
(a) How horrible he has been.
(b) How he can find Nicholas.
(c) How much he detests Nicholas.
(d) His feelings for Kate.

2. Just as everybody returns to go in to dinner, Noggs arrives in a new suit, confessing what?
(a) That he has been helping the police.
(b) That he is getting married.
(c) That he has been helping Ralph.
(d) That he is leaving London.

3. For what does Gride get ready?
(a) Madeline's wedding to Ralph.
(b) His wedding to Kate.
(c) Nicholas' wedding to Madeline.
(d) His wedding to Madeline.

4. Gride then asks Noggs to stay for a drink and proposes what?
(a) A toast to Madeline, his young bride-to-be.
(b) They leave town.
(c) A toast to Ralph and Madeline.
(d) They open a shop together.

5. Why does Nicholas travel through the poorest and most degraded section of London?
(a) To see what life is like in this section of London.
(b) To help the poor.
(c) To complete his errand for the Cheerybles.
(d) He is lost.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Kate and Nicholas tell each other, now that they are not marrying their loved ones?

2. Why is Mr. Lenville, another senior actor, concerned?

3. Who does Nicholas see as Mr. Charles introduces him to their clerk, Tim?

4. With whom does Nicholas meet at the tavern?

5. What does Squeers tell Ralph he will do if the police ask him what happened?

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